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L.T.D. Farm is located in West Central Wisconsin, and is owned and operated by me, Khaiti Hallstein, aka Farmer Khaiti. I raise heritage free-range pastured duck eggs and my partner Ben and I offer lovingly raised pastured broilers, ducks and turkeys as well as organically grown fruits and veggies. I love eating and growing delicious and sustainable food while living close to the land, observing and tending to my animals.11947618_10204971025975198_7533047267814765166_n

As a child, my mom was a dedicated homesteader and that lifestyle imprinted on me as the ideal life, one I wanted to return to somehow as I entered young adulthood. My career at several of the Co-ops in the Twin Cities furthered this notion by growing my love for food, for sustainability and for the farmers I watched coming through the back doors with their crates of farm-fresh goods. Of course all of this contributed to my calling to eventually become a real farmer. I started “Living the Dream” Farm in 2006, but at first it was all just practice. Then when my mom passed away at the age of 50 rather suddenly, this prompted me to really pursue my dream of becoming a farmer instead of just dreaming perpetually. I made the farm official in 2008 after my first duck gifted me her first egg, and I realized I was absolutely smitten with both the ducks and their eggs. And I still am to this day!!


Contact me:

farmerkhaiti (at) gmail (dot) com


Comments ( 22 )

  1. coral n

    way to go khaiti!! im so proud of you.

  2. Amanda

    Wow Khaiti, what a long way you have come. I am so proud of you! Love you

  3. Craig Hill

    Hi Khaiti,What you are doing is just how I think a person a human should live! My family, wife and two sons, are in the process of switching to that lifesyle of living more off the land and self-suffiency. It is nice to see people like yourself seeing what really is important in life! Keep up the good work and my oldest son is very interested in the soap-making class.

  4. admin

    Right on Craig! Thanks for the positive feedback, and best of luck to you guys! Keep me posted!

  5. Mary

    Awesome! Best wishes in all you do.

  6. Johnna

    I loooooove this story. So well written and romantic from start to finish. Thanks for sharing and love you guys.

  7. April

    Andrew! I was scoping out your site here finally. VERY impressed!! And jealous! You really are Living the Dream! I'm so happy for you and at some point I would love to come visit your farm!!

  8. LTD Farmers

    Hey April - Thanks, You can do it too -Living the Dream is possible for everyone! Also, there are a lot of ups and downs and stresses and injuries that we do not generally document, so life isn't all lollipops and roses! For instance we don't talk much about our roofing issues or well pump dying or monetary stress...But that is all just life.

  9. Ernst & Charlotte Fleischmann

    Hi Khaiti, Do you sell farm products directly from your farm? We are members of the Stillwater Coop. Are there pork packages available currently and what do you need (money, time, etc.) for me to pick it up at your farm? Greetings

  10. LTD Farmers

    Sent you an email Ernst! Thank you!!

  11. Joshua Davies

    I deal with ached in the cities looking for duck eggs are yours readily available anywhere? I live in River Falls, thanks.

  12. LTD Farmers

    sent you an email, yes we do have our duck eggs at most of the Co-ops in the twin Cities area!

  13. Jane Gloria Burkhouse

    I live on the West Coast and can not find the Gluten Free Flour you use in your baking recipes. I do have a good source of duck eggs and make my own fresh almond milk. So my question is, "Can I use any Gluten Free Flour in your Gluten Free Baked Goods or do I need to order the Gluten Free Flour you use?" If I need to order the Gluten Free Flour you use can you simplify my life by emailing me a contact address. Thank you for answering my question about what Gluten Free Flour to use. Keep up the good work. I am doing everything I can on the West Coast to support local farmers and use as little precious natural resources as possible. Jane Burkhouse, Woodburn, OR

  14. Kathy Rubino

    Wondering if you have any butchered geese left > 715-57-0571

  15. LTD Farmers

    Hi Kathy- We have just one remaining, it's a bit under 8 lbs.

  16. Tom van der Paardt

    Hi, I live in St. Croix Falls. Can I pick up duck eggs directly from your Clayton farm? Thank you, Tom

  17. FarmerKhaiti

    Yes, if you can email me to make an appointment ahead of time, absolutely. Farmerkhaiti (at) gmail dot com, thanks Tom!

  18. daniel arsell

    do you ever need help on the farm I would like to become a farmer

  19. FarmerKhaiti

    Hi Daniel- Where are you based out of? I could use assistance harvesting chickens this fall late October, send me an email farmerkhaiti (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks!

  20. Barbara Shaterian

    Hello, Khaiti!!!! I'm at Steve's new bakery talking to Joe Polzin, Steve's new "sales and logistics manager" and we're talking about you and Heidi. Hope you're well. Hugs to you! Barbara (from Rustica)

  21. FarmerKhaiti

    Hi Barb!!!!!! Great to hear from you!!! Heidi and I still talk every week, she's doing great. Sending you and yours lots of love!

  22. Whitney Hart

    Greetings Khaiti!! Just saw a super sweet short film on TPT about your farm! It was called "Dreaming with Lola" if I recall correctly, anyway!.. I just watched that like not even 5 minutes ago and I felt so moved and inspired by it. Although we are complete strangers to one another, I shed a couple tears because I am so proud of you, and something about that short film really moved me. What you are doing is really beautiful, keep up the great work! -Whit

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