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October has been absolutely gorgeous. CSA deliveries are almost completed for the year, and the animals are all thriving.

Our Farmer Barn is getting closer and closer to move-in, with the woodstove installed, the insulation in place, and the exterior houswrapped until we decide on what our siding material will be. Things have come to a bit of a standstill for the past 2 weeks, as Andrew had an injury happen after an exhausting work day. He’s feeling almost ready to start working again, after some enforced rest and recuperation time.

Thanksgiving turkeys are sold out for 2014. We do still have 3 geese available.

We will soon be releasing CSA information for next season…stay tuned!

fall has arrived!












Snappy September has arrived, and with it the first frost last night. We’re not alone in wondering what happened to the summer in the midwest this year, right?

It was a fantastic year for the lady ducks who adored all the wet and cool weather, racing out each morning to find tasty treasures. They laid eggs like crazy and still are! We just love raising our happy ducks with plenty of fresh pasture to relax on and forage through, and are honored to provide our duck eggs to the co-ops in the Twin Cities. The way things are going, we should have a steady supply into winter, thanks to our newest little ladies who are just beginning to lay now. Fingers crossed!

Our “Farmer Barn” is coming along on schedule, with the roof shingling finishing up today. George and Arly (Drew’s folks) have been helping us so much, we are super grateful for their knowledge and skills. Next up will be putting in insulation and the window installation. Many, may heartfelt  thanks to all of you who have signed up for our “Year of Goatmilk Soap,” as this is helping us afford to build this cozy, energy-efficient cabin. We’re at about 25% of our goal, and every little bit helps us out a lot. If you’d like 2 bars of our Fabulous handmade goatmilk soap mailed to YOUR door each month for a whole year, (the subscription begins in December, what a perfect year-long gift idea!) Sign up here:

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We use PayPal to process your order – all orders are directed through their secure servers and we do not have access to any of your private information! Thank you for your order! If you have any questions please email us at farmers (at) LTDFARM (dot) com !

Other ways you can get awesome farm goods and help us out- We have 2 Pastured Pork shares left (delivered in the TC metro area at October’s end), also 3 Pastured Thanksgiving Geese and 4 Pastured Chicken Shares (which will both be ready the weekend before Thanksgiving.) We are all sold out on turkeys this year. Please email us ASAP if you’d like information or to reserve any of these. Thank you so much for reading!

Help us build our “Farmer Barn”

We’re building a Farmer Barn -aka- a warm, energy efficient little cabin! The project is already underway, but we need a financial boost to complete the build – so we’d like to offer YOU a unique offering from our farm! Every little bit of support will help us out and this is a great way to support us AND get a useful, awesome gift every month!

Why we are fundraising right now:

For the past 4 years we’ve focused 100% on our farm; keeping all of our animals healthy and happy as well as building infrastructure. Finally we’ve decided it is time to build ourselves a  little studio home/Farmer’s Barn so that we can actually stay warm in the winter and live more energy efficiently. It’s felt like we’ve been living in one of the coldest houses in Wisconsin for the past 4 years!

Our “Farmer’s Barn” is a very modest 20 by 32 cabin, which Andrew is building with the help of his folks. We’ve always been bootstrappers, but this project is taking a lot of upfront payments to get to the next level. So far we have built a road with 80 tons of gravel delivered, had a cement truck come to pour the concrete piers upon which our cabin will sit, and then began building from the bottom up. We have only just begun, and every day brings us one small step forward in building and one more chunk of change out of the wallet! P1110043

How can you support us while getting something super unique  in return?

By snapping up a subscription to our “Year of Goatmilk Soap”! Treat yourself, or give it as a thoughtful and fantastic year long gift!

P1110039We will send you two bars of our luscious Goatmilk Soap EACH and EVERY month for a WHOLE YEAR, with your contribution of $100! This includes shipping to US addresses, International Residents will be charged $155 for subscription, shipping, and processing fees.

Khaiti makes this soap by hand, using the milk our goat MayMay gives us. The secret recipe is one she worked on for years… it’s super long lasting, extremely gentle on your skin (goatmilk has the same pH as our skin), AND it lathers richly without leaving any cruddy residue. Our soap is made from goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil and lye. Some varieties have essential oils added for scent, and organic materials for color or texture (like oatmeal, spices, coffee.)

The Year of Goatmilk Soap will begin in December 2014 (perfect timing for the Holidays!) and run until November 2015. Unlike a Kickstarter project, even if we don’t reach our total goal you will receive your Year of Goatmilk Soap! Our Fundraising Goal is to reach at least 100 paid subscribers! You can see our fundraising graphic on the side there which will keep you updated on our progress – you can always click on it to go to sign up for our Year of Goatmilk Soap!

If you are gifting a fantastic Year of Goatmilk Soap, please email us the “ship-to” address(es.) Thanks!   farmers (at) ltdfarm.com

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Or Click Here to go to our Year of Goatmilk Soap Page!

Every little bit is really going to help us get this done, and we really look forward to being warm this winter!


If you are so inclined you can donate any amount to our cause!