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March thaw

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March is here and everything is thawing out like crazy! The pigs are really happy to be able to get their snouts into the earth and grub around for any treats left after the frozen winter.  They are growing steadily and soon they will be out on pasture helping us regenerate our landscape while transforming into incredibly delicious pork. Meanwhile they are snarfing down our own organic hay with much appetite. It’s an exiting time of rebirth and growth – We’re gearing up for our next season of raising the best possible pastured ethical meat that we can, and we need your support! Sign up for any of our CSA offerings and you will partake of the best possible meats in the land this year! Go here for more information: LTD Farm CSA!



Our lady ducks are gearing up to start laying as the warmer days and nights visit us regularly – the sun warms our hearts and bodies and we all feel more productive and ready for action. They are loving the ephemeral streams that meander all through the property as the whole world warms and snow disappears down gullies. Sap is flowing in the maples and birches and birds are flitting about searching for snacks after the long lean winter months. Seedlings are growing indoors under lights and we’re getting excited about rich green nettles popping out of the soil!


Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble & Honk Honk!

tumblr_inline_mq5ms8uQ8R1qz4rgpThanksgiving is coming up, the snow is flying already. We’re wrapping up the fall garden and delivering very delicious CSA boxes full of the bounty. DSC01164It’s been a whirlwind of a season, and now we prepare for the final harvest days of the year. We are taking reservations for our Turkeys and Geese, both all organically fed and raised on pasture. Let us know ASAP if you’d like to reserve one or both. The turkeys will be 12-15 lbs and the geese around 10 lbs. We harvest them ourselves, on the farm they know and are comfortable on, and they will be available for pickup the weekend before Thanksgiving. Present a masterpiece of a bird for your holiday dinner, one you can tell the story of! tumblr_inline_mq5m345pwe1qz4rgpNot many birds served for the Holiday Dinner grew up living a life on pasture in the sun and grass, and you will not find an organic holiday goose anywhere! P1070646

We pastured birds out in our hayfield this year. It had it’s pluses and it’s minuses. They had tons of room, and fresh pasture each week, but we had issues with them being so far from our farm-base. We literally ended up camping out there with them each night for 3 months straight to ward off nighttime predators. What farmers do that?! We do!P1080607Now that the cold has really come, we’ve moved the turkeys into the hoophouse to help clear out the summer’s plant growth in there, and for them to focus on fattening up. On pasture, the turkeys were constantly running around so much they weren’t gaining much weight! Our young geese are now full grown and are living on a portion of our garden, honking across the valley and flapping their wings wildly all day long, adding fertility with the help of our morsel seeking and dirt scratching flock of heritage roosters. We believe it is very important to enrich and expand the bio-diversity of our soil, while letting our birds live happy and natural lives outdoors, doing what they love to do best.1375877_10151729814946448_1258595371_nP1070649

Soon we’ll be opening up our 2014 Season CSA for memberships. We’ve gotten SO MUCH GOOD FEEDBACK on our share boxes, it’s just wonderful to know our members are so happy with what they receive from our farm. We make our CSA boxes full and beautiful, as they reflect our farm and our attitudes about life. Our specialty is a “Once-A-Month Box” featuring our Duck Eggs, all kinds of seasonal chemical free produce, apples, wildcrafted bouquets, fresh herbs, and handmade goatmilk soaps. Details will be posted soon!

turkey days

This past weekend was our 4th Annual Turkey Harvesting for Thanksgiving. We raise gorgeous turkeys every year for this special holiday. Harvesting our turkeys on the farm by hand is intense, but this way we get to control every aspect of our birds from day 1, until they leave with a customer, in a cooler on ice.

day 1 and they were already sampling greens!

6 months and 20 lbs later...

The night before each harvest day, some of the turkeys were brought out of their paddock into a holding area for their over night fast, which empties their systems and makes processing cleaner. Early in the morning, we got the scalder heating over a wood fire, and prepared the stations for plucking and eviscerating. Our customers come to help with the processing, and take home their fresh Thanksgiving turkeys. We are elated to be know such wonderful folks who can look at a bird and know this is where their meat actually comes from.

All of our turkeys sold out early this year, which is wonderful, except for having to turn a few people down. Next year we will be offering heritage Bourbon Reds as well as our succulent Broad Breasted Turkeys. They will be raised the same way- on pasture, living a free and good life, eating organic grains, foraging and exercising, but still supervised, protected and cared for.

Did you know that most turkeys in the store are 12-16 weeks old when they are harvested? Our turkeys are 24 weeks old when we harvest them, that’s 6 whole months. At this age, they get to actually mature and develop a nice layer of fat which has a self-basting effect. Don’t be afraid of good fats from healthy, pastured animals! Maturity in our turkeys also means they actually taste like TURKEY. If you’ve only had grocery store birds, an LTD Turkey will blow you away with tenderness and flavor. A pastured turkey living outdoors 24/7 is healthier too, and you are what you eat. We all know the wonders of a little fresh air & sunshine in our lives, so why not expect that for the animal you eat as well?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   ( Yes, we are beginning to reserve turkeys for next year. Email us to get on the list!  farmers AT LTDfarm DOT com)


A couple of technical notes on turkey harvesting :

We changed two major things this year in our harvest techniques. We switched from using a knife to cut the jugular vein, to a single shot from a tiny 22 bullet, and THEN we bleed the turkey out. The bullet ensures no suffering to the bird, and instant death without fear. Everyone comments on how calm the birds are. We still contain the bird before the shot, as their sheer muscle reaction is dangerously powerful. We use a solid wood box with a hole in one side, a lever to hold the bird’s neck in place, and cushions around the bird to hold it’s body through the death throes. We don’t want to use “killing cones” because we feel the turkeys will be frightened if we suspend them upside down (to place them in the cones) while they are still alive.

The other thing we changed is that we are now “TAA- DAAH” scalding our turkeys, instead of dry-plucking. Dry plucking is nice if you want to spend an hour per bird, pulling feathers out by hand, but scalding is wonderful if you want to save your wrists from repetitive stress syndrome! These two changes have significantly improved our scenario on harvesting days. If you have any questions about these processes, let us know. The more turkeys being peacefully harvested in the world, the better.