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What a lovely summer on the farm it has been so far. The Lady ducks are doing awesome, my youngest sister Melanie has been here gardening and helping me, Lola had her calf, 2 new Dexter cows came to join the herd, and I added a few lambs to the pasture as well. I’ve been busy setting up fencing while achieving a nice balance of living, working and relaxing. Kind of a rebound year after over-doing it last season.

A couple things to tell you about – If you are looking for something free and fun to do this Thursday in Minneapolis, there is a screening of local filmakers works at the Walker Art Museum at 7pm. The “Dreaming with Lola” film featuring me and my farm, made by Jila Nikpay is one of the films being shown!

I also want to let everyone know that Seward Co-op will have a special price on my duck eggs at both locations for the month of August!

CSA Fair! Next Saturday at Seward Co-op!

Come visit us at Seward Co-op’s 13th Annual CSA Fair, Saturday, April 12th from 11-2. You can meet and visit with over 33 local farmers who all offer Community Supported Agriculture Shares from their farms. There is a farm for everyone! Support your local farmers and get a season of delicious, fresh food.P1030964-1024x768

We’ve worked with Seward Co-op since the beginning of our farm, and are pleased to offer Seward as one of our CSA dropsites. We have monthly Original shares from our farm still available for sign up, as well as Pastured Pork, Goose and Turkey Shares. Our Original share is a beautiful monthly box of fresh, seasonal produce grown by us on our farm, as well as 2 dozen duck eggs, 2 bars of our handmade AMAZING goatmilk soap, and a wildcrafted bouquet!

6 months for $350


The lady ducks are greeting spring enthusiastically, bringing their fabulous eggs to us each morning. We collect eggs three times a day, and each and every one is carefully cleaned by hand and inspected by candling for perfectness. Our ducks go outside every single day, no matter the weather. They eat copious amounts of hay over winter when their paddocks are covered in snow, but we all look forward to fresh greenery sprouting up as the snow recedes and this never-ending winter finally ends!P1090078

Our new little ducklings have arrived from Pennsylvania and are doing very well. They are enjoying the sun during the day, while staying cozy in their brooder for their first month while they grow from palm-sized eensey bits to big girls. As you can see they are very inquisitive!P1100017P1100006

WCCO, samples & 5 years of Duck Eggs!!!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be on Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s WCCO Radio Show “Off the Menu” tomorrow, June 6, at 11am! Tune in and hear about everything going out here on our farm, and we’ll also talk about how Duck Eggs are the Ultimate Egg! We’ll post a link to it afterwards in case you miss it.

We’ve been raising heritage ducks and providing their amazing eggs to the Twin City’s Natural Food Co-ops and our CSA members for 5 wonderful years. Our lady ducks are precious to us, and their exuberant personalities reward us every day. When they come running out to their fresh pasture in the morning, watching them happily devouring the grass and weeds can’t help but bring a giant smile to our face. Happy ducks lay the best eggs! Happy ducks equal happy farmers!



The very first LTD Farm ducks in 2008! 100_0367 That first taste of a fresh Duck Egg, gently fried in olive oil! Duck Egg LOVE!


andrew can make the PERFFECT overeasy egg, trapped in a pillow, somehow. He has magic skills.

Duck Eggs make the perfect overeasy egg,                                         with their extra thick and luscious yolk.

and a little feta on top, sit back and watch the show as the custardy yolk oozes out.

duck eggs so fresh they nearly bring tears with their beauty!

Duck Eggs so fresh, healthy and extraordinarily delicious!

a pizza, baked in my well seasoned cast iron pan, with tapenade, nettles, feta, tomatoes I canned and finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top...oh dear, what amazingness!

a little pizza, baked in a oiled cast iron pan, with olive tapenade, nettles, feta, and fresh tomatoes, finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top…oh dear, what amazingness!

the same pizza, after I ate half and had to take a picture it was so so so good!


roast potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, dried ramps, garlic, onion until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple duck eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for maybe 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

Simple Duck Egg bake- roast a few sliced & seasoned potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, scallions, garlic, until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple Duck Eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

100_3370 A simple and very nourishing Duck Egg on toast with                 garden greens and avocado.P1050939 Duck Eggs make the BEST Aioli/Homemade Mayonnaise, because of their luxurious creaminess. Click here for the recipe.

eggs with sriracha sauce (homemade!!) along with chard and hashbrowns. nummm

Duck Eggs with sriracha sauce, along with chard and hashbrowns. Power breakfast!


Duck Egg Quiches for a party!

Duck eggs are a SUPERFOOD! They contain twice as much protein, potassium and Vitamin A, three times as much iron, and five times as much Vitamin B12, compared to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are also higher in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, thiamin, niacin, Vitamin B6, folate, and retinol. They contain twice the amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids as chicken eggs do. Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol,) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol).

You can find our Duck Eggs at the following Twin City Co-ops:

Seward Community Co-op- Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 12-2:30

Linden Hills Co-op– Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 4-6:30

Mississippi Market Co-op’s 2 locations– Duck Egg samples Saturday 7/13, @Selby 11-2, and West 7th from 3-5pm

The Wedge Co-op– Duck Egg samples Tuesday 7/16, from noon-3

River Market Co-op, in beautiful dowtown Stillwater

Eastside Co-op in vibrant NE Minneapolis

starting 7/9, you can also find our Duck Eggs at Lakewinds Natural Foods’ locations in Minnetonka and Chanhassen!

duck eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!

Duck Eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!


duck eggs and goatmilk soap, the heart of our CSA offerings!

Duck Eggs and our handmande goatmilk soap are in every CSA box from our farm, email us to get on the list for next season.

love those beautiful duck eggs!

love those beautiful Duck Eggs!


Seward Co-op “Growing With Purpose”

We finally got our hands on a copy of this new book by Patricia Cumbie & Kari Cornell, with photography by Chris Bonhoff. It documents and celebrates the 40 years that Seward Co-op has been in business, growing with the community. We both spent our formative years employed at Seward Co-op, learning the basics of good business practices as well as developing a passion for local food and farms. Actually, Khaiti (and Jenni) hired me to start washing dishes in the deli. She moved onto managing the grocery department and I moved on to managing the deli for awhile. Yet all these years later I’m still washing dishes…

This a great looking book with all kinds of insight into this very successful food co-op, which is still our favorite place to shop, and sell our duck eggs at! We recognize a lot of folks in here, and it has great stories on staff members and suppliers throughout the years. We’re happy to be part of it. Take a look next time you’re at the co-op picking up some duck eggs!