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Pastured Pork Pack! Straight to your door!

(UPDATE at the end of 2015- I no longer raise pork on the farm for sale. Please get in touch with Whetstone Farm for all organically fed pork from pigs raised on pasture!)

It is a beautiful and sunny day here on the farm. Our ducks are happy and laying their wonderful eggs in the hay-filled duck barn. Meanwhile our older pigs are getting to that age where they are ready to be turned into the most delicious pork products ever! We have decided to offer for a limited time our incredible Pork Package, where for just $200 you receive 20 pounds of assorted cuts of the best pork you have ever tasted, such as bacon, chops, ham, and roasts! Not only that but we will deliver right to your door (within the Twin Cities metro area)! This is a great way to sample our pork products and become addicted to the incredible flavor of pastured pork raised on organic grains and a lot of love!


Try the Best Pastured Pork on the Planet! Send in your payment along with this form:

Cross out Pig Share and write in Pig Package and we will email you a confirmation when we receive your payment – then we will be delivering the Pork Packages the last half of the month in April on a Sunday or Monday!


New! The “Pastured Pork Package”

When was the last time you had a really juicy and amazing piece of pork? Never? Well, maybe it is all about how your pork was grown – happy pigs are the first step to amazing pork!

“The product coming from these piggies is simply stunning!” – Erin

“Sweet Jesus that is some good pork.” – Mary


Our pork is receiving rave reviews, and we know it’s because our pigs are loved and appreciated, their bellies scratched and heads petted, as well as having a diverse and varied diet full of soaked organic grains, duck eggs, fresh veggies and fruits, our own organic hay, and all that they dig up as they root in the soil. A very important part of our pig-keeeping practices is to help our pigs live incredibly relaxing lives with us here on LTD Farm. All three of these elements make an enormous difference in the pork. ALL pigs should be treated this way, but sadly most are not treated all that well. You can go ahead and feel wonderful eating our high welfare pork and supporting our efforts toward raising these incredibly intelligent beings in a natural way with kindness and respect. At the end of the day, our pigs are unfortunately/fortunately incredibly delicious as well.


We’ve had a couple people ask if they could get a smaller pork share from us, and now we have a smaller introductory offering! Get a “Pastured Pork Package” from LTD Farm, where our happy pigs live a stress free, lovely life of luxury and eat a top notch natural diet, which is based primarily on soaked 100% organic grains, as well as what they graze and root up, our own hay, duck eggs, veggies and fruits, homebrew, apple vinegar, kelp, and more!

A prepayment of $200 will get you 20 pounds of amazing pork from us, a handpicked selection of the very best cuts from our pigs, so that you can experience what a real pastured pig tastes like without filling a freezer! Pickup at a drop-off site will be required.

Email us at “farmers (at) LTDFarm (dot) com” for more info or simply fill out the sign up sheet and select our Pastured Pork Package and send us your prepayment!

Pastured Pig Package Ordering Form!


2014 Piglets!

We just welcomed our new tribe of piglets to the farm this week!
They’ll be living in the sunny and cozy hoophouse until the snow melts and they’ve grown a bit bigger. Basically all they do right now is eat their organic feed, drink warm water, have a little run about and exploring, and then snuggle back up to sleep in a giant cozy hay pile. Getting our piglets makes us feel like spring is definitely around the corner! Today it’s -5F, but still, we’re pretty sure it will warm up at some point, right?

We will be setting up their 2 acre forest paddock in the early spring. For our purposes we will be using cattle and hog panels for this main paddock area. Setting it up right and tight is a priority. Another priority is to begin installing our berms and swales as well as planting the food producing trees and shrubs outlined in the our permaculture design for our farm. Andrew has an article coming out soon which goes into detail about our pig-raising plans. Suffice it to say, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will all be worth it when we can see our pigs living the best life we can give them, with organic fruit and nuts, clean air, fresh water, and cozy homes. And of course the all important muddy wallow in the hot days of summer. Which we think will be here soon…


As we grow our small farm, it is clear to us that pigs will play a large role in our plans. Our permaculture design designates a large area of the farm for our pigs to roam and forage, and we are also planning on adding a couple of cows to the mix this year! Cows have been on our minds lately, but we didn’t quite understand where exactly they would fit in until we finished the first draft of our permaculture design. Now, it seems obvious that we need to include them. But raising pigs is what we know and love, and the pork that comes from our pigs is the most delicious and amazingly versatile food you could imagine!


We will be constructing larger permanent shelters for our hogs in 2014, but meanwhile we continue to use the simple and useful DIY hog hut design that Andrew came up with in 2011 – All of ours are still kicking! For more information on building these simple shelters, go here: DIY Pig Hut!

On another note, we are glad to join the Buy High Welfare campaign -Please follow the banner to find out more about where you can buy pork from ethically raised pigs!



Pastured Pork!


Look at that beautiful fresh pastured pork –  this is what half a hog from our small farm looks like after processing and packaging.  What an amazing spread of deliciousness: smoked bacon, pork chops, a loin roast, smoked ham roasts, shoulder roasts, baby back ribs, ham hock and breakfast sausage. YUMMM!

We work closely with our local butcher, Mike from Northwoods Locker. He, his family, and his great team do an amazing job! Our Duroc-cross pastured pigs are raised with all the love and care that we can give them, and given the best life outdoors, able to root in the dirt, scratch on the tree trunks, gallop around in the sun, and snooze in their shelter. We feed our pigs all organic feed; grains, a variety of fruits and veggies from our gardens, as well as the all natural salad bar of their pastures.

Here’s how you can reserve this rare and amazing pork for yourself right now: Print our our 2014_Order Form and mail us a deposit. We raise our pigs all spring, summer, and fall then they are harvested here on our farm in the late fall. We will notify you that they are ready and let you know the hanging weight of your 1/2 pig (The hanging weight is the carcass of the pig, minus the  skin, head and offal, and this is what we base your balance due upon). We pay the processing fees to the butcher, and you pay us $8/lb, minus your deposit. Then we deliver your pastured pork to your door (within the twin cities metro)!

That is all there is to it – Sign up today before all the pigs are spoken for!

More info here: Pastured Pigs


LTD Design

LTD Farm Permaculture Design

It has been 3+ years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to build up what we have today here on the farm on a shoestring budget. There have been many wonderful moments and some very stressful events, and through it all we have kept our eyes on the future. Ideally, what do we want to be doing in 5 or 10 years? We feel that when we understand our deep-seated goals, it is much easier to work toward them. To make well-considered choices every day, week, month, or year, it is important for us to have our end goal in mind. We also know that our goals change, so we revisit these on a pretty regular basis.

Over the past few months we have put efforts into drafting our first basic whole-farm permaculture design. This design is the result of 3+ years of talking, sketching, working, fencing, building, and of course, dreaming. To some this design may look complicated, to others it may seem simplistic, but to us it is just right.

One of the goals of our current permaculture dream is to provide our core CSA members with the majority of their food, using resilient perennial systems as our primary agricultural methods. We love the one-on-one interaction and feedback we get from our customers, and find it to be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a farmer. We also know that the food we grow is the best food that there is to eat, and want to be able to share our own eating experience with the most appreciative of partners, our CSA members.

We have other goals, and there is much to discuss about our LTD Permaculture Design. We will keep you updated  in future blog posts as we build our systems and implement the design! Thank you for being part of LTD!

pig huts…DIY project

This simple and quick animal hut is easy to build with no wasted wood and is versatile for use with other animals as well. After perusing all the designs out there for pig huts, I realized I wanted something that was easier to build, using 2x4s and no plywood if possible. This shelter has worked well for raising two and three pigs at a time.

You need:


6 each 8 foot 2x4s

2 each 6 foot 2x4s

2 each 8 foot long by 3+ width metal roofing panels

a box of 2 1/2 inch screws

That’s it.

A.Take 3 of the 8′ long 2x4s and mark the 4′. find the middle of that mark, and bisect the mark at a 45 degree angle. Cut these 2x4s with a saw. You’re almost done!

B. Take the uncut ends and overlap and join them with 3 to 4 screws.

C Put them all up on their sides and lay an 8′ 2×4 on the corner and attach with 3 or 4 screws.

D. Attach the 2 8 foot long 2x4s on the bottom of the of each side.

I forgot to add it in the sketch but you can see in the picture that you then add the two 6′ on the bottom of both openings.

E Then add one metal panel, overlap one rib over the top and screw on down the sides. Repeat with the other panel on the other side.


So far our pigs have not destroyed this structure and we have had two groups of over 300 pound pigs, so it is a strong  structure. The one thing I would do differently is to use a 10′ long 2×4 for the top brace so as to have two handles to move the thing. One person can drag this structure and two people can easily lift and move it. Hope this helps!