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Chocolate pudding & a NEW documentary!

  What is it like to “Live the Dream”? Here’s the trailer for a short documentary made this summer on the farm, by the very talented filmmaker Jila Nikpay. Go to her website to watch the whole piece for free! Click HERE.┬áIt is very personal and honest and….it made ME cry! Jila was able to collect and capture all this […]

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The Farmstead Kitchen- Duck Eggs

Summer’s here, the grass is lush, the trees and weeds glow emerald. Every year it is simply breathtaking to behold this magical transformation. It is truly the most fulfilling time of year for pastured animals and the people who tend them! The lady ducks are doing SO awesome, enjoying their rotational grazing paddocks where they forage among the grass, milkweed, […]

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DUCK EGGS are back in season!

Hooray! The lady ducks of LTD Farm have declared the end of their winter vacation and have begun laying their delectable eggs for 2015. They are out on pasture during the day, currently foraging through last years’ garden space, helping us prep the garden by eating all the leftover plant materials, as well as leaving lovely fertility deposits at the […]

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