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Pastured Meat CSA Shares!!!


LTD Farm 2016 Pastured Meat CSA Offerings!

Thank you for your interest in my delicious and sustainably-raised Pastured Meats! It is my pleasure and honor to grow amazing food for you and yours, with love and compassion in my heart each day as I tend to these wonderful animals. I’ve made a few changes this year, asking for a bit more up-front to help fund my farm when I need the cash flow. Spring is when the majority of the expenses come for me, so your payments are essential for me to offer these products.

Take a look at what I will be raising and the various times of the season they are available, and let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you have financial hardships that prevent you from thinking about signing up, please let me know. I am a real person who understands times can get tight, boy howdy, do I! Thank you so very much for allowing me to be your farmer!

-Khaiti, farmer and owner of LTD Farm


ANY questions, please email me @ farmerkhaiti (at)


100% Organically-fed Pastured TurkeysP1050273

Thanksgiving Birds and Summer Turkeys

Do you think of turkey meat as boring, dry and bland? Well, then you simply MUST try one of my beautiful birds! My turkeys are ridiculously delicious because they all live the good life here on my farm. My turkeys are raised on pasture, where they get exercise, sun and plenty of succulent forage. They love to eat their greens and explore far and wide around the farm.

Returning again are Summer Turkeys, available fresh on the farm on 8/20 for grilling on the BBQ or cooking up an early “Thanksgiving” -why not!? It is the most delicious meal of the year! They are $4.50/lb and require a $50 deposit, which is deducted from the total price of your bird. I have a fun Farm Day planned on August 20th, so plan to bring a picnic and enjoy a day in the country on my farm!

Please note, for Thanksgiving birds, because the weather is so variable in late November it can make harvesting days difficult for me, so if you want a fresh-NEVER-frozen turkey for your Holiday meal, I will offer a limited number the Sunday/Monday before Thanksgiving at $6/lb. Otherwise freshly-frozen Thanksgiving turkeys are $4.50/lb. Turkeys average 16 lbs. Please circle which date options you’d like to come get your beautiful bird(s).

Summer Turkey $4.50/lb ______x $50 deposit each =_______ (pickup date is 8/20)

Thanksgiving Turkey (frozen) $4.50/lb_____x $50 deposit each = ______(pickup10/22 or 11/20)

Thanksgiving Turkey FRESH $6/lb _____x $50 deposit each =_______(pickup is 11/20 or 11/21)

Any special notes:


100% Organically-fed Pastured GooseP1110154

I am on a mission to bring goose to your dinner table! Goose is one of the most unknown meats for most of us, which is a cryin’ shame, it has a texture and taste like rich beefy poultry. Absolutely ridiculous! Geese are also known for their amazing and healthy fat, which they put on as they finish on pasture. Golden, glorious goose fat renders as you roast your goose and then you can jar it up for roasting potatoes later. YUMM. Geese are a delight to raise and they are incredible grazers. The only downside is that they take a lot of work to process, so the price reflects that, as well as their certified organic feed. Each goose will be around 10-12lbs dressed, and I will have them available fresh on September 24, and frozen after that. They are $8/lb, with a $50 deposit required to reserve. The balance will be due based on the actual weight. I harvest my geese here on the farm myself, so on-farm pickup is required. As with the Broilers and Turkeys, I will have a fun Farm Day planned when you come out!

100% Organically-fed Pastured Goose ____x $50 deposit each = _________

Circle one please- fresh on 9/24, or frozen on 10/22 or 11/20


Name/Address/Contact info:___________________________________________________________


Total Payments enclosed/any notes:_____________________________________________________

If you have any questions, please email me at or call 715.417.0070 (email works best though, my phone reception out here in the rolling hills is not so great)

Please mail payment and form to: LTD Farm 454 4 ½ Ave Clayton, WI 54004

Pastured Pork Pack! Straight to your door!

(UPDATE at the end of 2015- I no longer raise pork on the farm for sale. Please get in touch with Whetstone Farm for all organically fed pork from pigs raised on pasture!)

It is a beautiful and sunny day here on the farm. Our ducks are happy and laying their wonderful eggs in the hay-filled duck barn. Meanwhile our older pigs are getting to that age where they are ready to be turned into the most delicious pork products ever! We have decided to offer for a limited time our incredible Pork Package, where for just $200 you receive 20 pounds of assorted cuts of the best pork you have ever tasted, such as bacon, chops, ham, and roasts! Not only that but we will deliver right to your door (within the Twin Cities metro area)! This is a great way to sample our pork products and become addicted to the incredible flavor of pastured pork raised on organic grains and a lot of love!


Try the Best Pastured Pork on the Planet! Send in your payment along with this form:

Cross out Pig Share and write in Pig Package and we will email you a confirmation when we receive your payment – then we will be delivering the Pork Packages the last half of the month in April on a Sunday or Monday!


March thaw

2015-03-07 15.22.27

March is here and everything is thawing out like crazy! The pigs are really happy to be able to get their snouts into the earth and grub around for any treats left after the frozen winter.  They are growing steadily and soon they will be out on pasture helping us regenerate our landscape while transforming into incredibly delicious pork. Meanwhile they are snarfing down our own organic hay with much appetite. It’s an exiting time of rebirth and growth – We’re gearing up for our next season of raising the best possible pastured ethical meat that we can, and we need your support! Sign up for any of our CSA offerings and you will partake of the best possible meats in the land this year! Go here for more information: LTD Farm CSA!



Our lady ducks are gearing up to start laying as the warmer days and nights visit us regularly – the sun warms our hearts and bodies and we all feel more productive and ready for action. They are loving the ephemeral streams that meander all through the property as the whole world warms and snow disappears down gullies. Sap is flowing in the maples and birches and birds are flitting about searching for snacks after the long lean winter months. Seedlings are growing indoors under lights and we’re getting excited about rich green nettles popping out of the soil!


PBS!!! tonight!!!

Just a quick note- if you have a TV, tune in to Channel 2 tonight at 6:30! LTD Farm is going to be on TPT2- Twin Cities Public Television- in an episode of The Perennial Plate’s Victory Garden Edible Feast Series. We are SOOOOOO extremely honored and excited!!! This was filmed in the summer of 2014, which was really nice to see, as it’s heading to -18 tonight. Yikes! At least the sun was out today and the ducks soaked up some rays playing in the snow! (We will post a link when it’s available)  Here’s a little write up about Daniel and Mirra’s latest project, Congratulations and thank you so much you guys! We’d also like to thank all of our amazing, wonderful and supportive friends, family and customers. We could not be here, doing this, without you, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!DSC02271

Help us build our “Farmer Barn”

We’re building a Farmer Barn -aka- a warm, energy efficient little cabin! The project is already underway, but we need a financial boost to complete the build – so we’d like to offer YOU a unique offering from our farm! Every little bit of support will help us out and this is a great way to support us AND get a useful, awesome gift every month!

Why we are fundraising right now:

For the past 4 years we’ve focused 100% on our farm; keeping all of our animals healthy and happy as well as building infrastructure. Finally we’ve decided it is time to build ourselves a  little studio home/Farmer’s Barn so that we can actually stay warm in the winter and live more energy efficiently. It’s felt like we’ve been living in one of the coldest houses in Wisconsin for the past 4 years!

Our “Farmer’s Barn” is a very modest 20 by 32 cabin, which Andrew is building with the help of his folks. We’ve always been bootstrappers, but this project is taking a lot of upfront payments to get to the next level. So far we have built a road with 80 tons of gravel delivered, had a cement truck come to pour the concrete piers upon which our cabin will sit, and then began building from the bottom up. We have only just begun, and every day brings us one small step forward in building and one more chunk of change out of the wallet! P1110043

How can you support us while getting something super unique  in return?

By snapping up a subscription to our “Year of Goatmilk Soap”! Treat yourself, or give it as a thoughtful and fantastic year long gift!

P1110039We will send you two bars of our luscious Goatmilk Soap EACH and EVERY month for a WHOLE YEAR, with your contribution of $100! This includes shipping to US addresses, International Residents will be charged $155 for subscription, shipping, and processing fees.

Khaiti makes this soap by hand, using the milk our goat MayMay gives us. The secret recipe is one she worked on for years… it’s super long lasting, extremely gentle on your skin (goatmilk has the same pH as our skin), AND it lathers richly without leaving any cruddy residue. Our soap is made from goat milk, coconut oil, olive oil and lye. Some varieties have essential oils added for scent, and organic materials for color or texture (like oatmeal, spices, coffee.)

The Year of Goatmilk Soap will begin in December 2014 (perfect timing for the Holidays!) and run until November 2015. Unlike a Kickstarter project, even if we don’t reach our total goal you will receive your Year of Goatmilk Soap! Our Fundraising Goal is to reach at least 100 paid subscribers! You can see our fundraising graphic on the side there which will keep you updated on our progress – you can always click on it to go to sign up for our Year of Goatmilk Soap!

If you are gifting a fantastic Year of Goatmilk Soap, please email us the “ship-to” address(es.) Thanks!   farmers (at)

Choose an option

Or Click Here to go to our Year of Goatmilk Soap Page!

Every little bit is really going to help us get this done, and we really look forward to being warm this winter!


If you are so inclined you can donate any amount to our cause!

Rain, rain, and more rain!

As far as we can tell from our own experience, the interwebs, and from fellow farmer’s comments, this has been one of the wettest springs ever. Apparently we have already gotten over 80% of the precipitation that we get all summer! It has given us lots of indoor time to consider the strategies we need to put into place on our farm if we are going to continue to grow and manage annual and perennial crops and keep our animals dry and happy – not to mention keeping ourselves dry and happy!


Firstly we have to consider the flow of water on our property – topographical maps help our design process a lot, but living here for years and watching the flow is invaluable. This year we installed a berm and swale on our keyline and planted nut and fruit trees on the lower side to be irrigated by the swale. This keyline will provide a framework for a rotational grazing pattern that we will use for our poultry and cattle.


Then we have to consider the flows of water in our Zone 1 & 2, around our hoophouse and buildings that we have created to shelter our animals, hay, and tools. This has proven to be a bit more complicated, because of the energetic flow patterns of our movements in and around Zone 1 & 2 change as we evolve our businesses and activities. In this case, we are beginning to use swales to divert water from roads and away from buildings in a complicated water tango. We use the French Drain concepts in diversion ditches that mirror our movement patterns – this will be a work in progress for some time.


Now we come to managing our vegetable production systems. We have been growing in three main areas: the hoophouse, the main garden, and the field garden. The field garden was our first garden and it is in Zone 3, and it has better drainage and lower fertility. The main garden has average fertility and bad drainage. The hoophouse has average drainage and great fertility. Tillage with machines in this kind of wet spring is just a hassle at best, at worst it is impossible. Machines break down and compact the soil, and yet we rely on them because the keep our backs from breaking and speed up processes that we need to get done in a hurry as farmers.


As much as we love to tinker and fix things, our priority is biological abundance here, and so we have come to a couple conclusions. The main garden will stay in operation and we will continue to use it and build fertility there, but instead of an endless tillage barrage we will use mainly paper weed barriers and hay mulch to continuously create soil without mechanical disturbance. This garden is small enough to allow this to be doable – even if we have to spend money on paper or hay products, we should still come out even with machine costs each year. There is a lot more labor involved in this strategy, but it is an activity we can do in almost any weather at any time, without waiting for the soil to dry up. We will be continuously adding organic matter to the soil which will help the overall tilth. We will also use annual smaller hoophouses that we take down in the winter on this garden to protect our tender annual crops from the ravages of insects and browsing animals. These hoophouses will also shelter our young poultry, who will fertilize our garden in situ. We will also continue to use the big hoophouse intensively to grow heat loving crops. The old field garden will be allowed to go fallow next year and we will continue to graze our poultry in that area until the fertility has been built up to a better level, and then we may plant annual crops there again – but not before then.


These are some of the main insights that we’ve had with these past few incredibly wet springs. Evolving our strategies is part of being a permaculture farm – we are always observing and trying to create better systems that provide an abundance of ecological functions and beauty – and at the end of the day we want to connect with nature and eat good food.