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Stillwater CSA Fair & Duck Eggs are back!

Happy early Spring to all! Glorious weather has caused the ducks to announce it officially, they are laying eggs like crazy. I’m getting eggs to the co-ops one by one, right now you’ll find them at Eastside, Seward, Wedge, River Market, Mississippi Market and Lakewinds Richfield. YAY to the return of Duck Eggs! The ladies are enjoying this spring thaw very, very much. There is nothing a duck loves to do more than “schnibble” in the mud, my goodness!

Hey, and I’ll be in Stillwater this Saturday March 12th at the River Market Community Co-op’s CSA Fair from 1-4. Click here for the details, it’s gonna be so fun, as it is being held at the Maple Island Brewing location just a couple doors from the Co-op. Come meet and mingle with your local farmers and investigate if a CSA is a good fit for you, and just so you know- there are all kinds of CSA options now. I offer Pastured Poultry Shares, you’ll find an abundance of fresh vegetable shares, fruit shares, goatmilk soap shares, cheese shares, meat shares, flower shares and who knows what else you’ll find. There are so many enthusiastic and innovative farmers these days, it only makes sense to join in the excitement and get some of your food directly from farmers. We need your support to continue farming, and you know what? That food you get direct from the farmer tastes EVEN BETTER!!!12768322_10153493027221448_3215990080722172666_o 12771487_10153498200716448_3818020621917120688_o 12792267_10153499883536448_8373211548072486015_o 12794965_10153493027151448_6742669214104415332_o

Farmstead Kitchen- Hard Boiled Duck Eggs

The PERFECT hardboiled duck egg

Have you forgotten how delicious a hard boiled egg is? Wait…maybe you are thinking of that “other” kind…. the bland and boring hard-boiled-chicken-egg, so disliked after all the easter egg excess many of us endure. Those are just so *not* enticing. Get yourself a few delicious duck eggs and set yourself up for luxurious perfection in a simple pearly shell. Hard boiled duck eggs are simply a whole other experience!

Did you know a duck egg has twice the protein of a chicken egg? Each duck egg has 9 grams of protein, real FOOD protein, which is much more useful for your body than a protein bar or protein shake could hope to be. Fuel yourself with delicious pastured Duck Eggs from happy ducks!!

Hard boiling duck eggs for your upcoming weekday snacks or lunches is as easy as boiling water. All you have to do is time it properly. Here’s how we do it, and honestly, no fancy schmancy anything. Just perfectly wonderfully light and lovely hard boiled duck eggs.


Put your eggs in a pot and cover them with water. Bring to a boil and then lower the heat to a simmer and THEN set the timer for 9 minutes. When your buzzer goes off, take the pot off the heat, pour off the water and roll the eggs around in the pot to crack the shells. Let them sit in the pot (off the heat) for another ten minutes to cool, and then peel and eat, or stick in the fridge for later use. Use up within 4 days, as once they are cooked they won’t keep as long as raw eggs in the fridge. They make a great and seriously satisfying snack, are awesome in salads, you could make egg salad sandwiches (hot ones are AWESOME with some sauteed garlicky greens,) or use them as part of a delicious Ethiopian style┬ádinner such as this from Nom Nom Paleo. Here are two sample eggs in mid-devouring stage, which I just had to test after double checking my timing on the hard boil. What a hard job….NUMMMMMMMMM. Look how fluffy and perfect they are!!!


We absolutely love hard boiled duck eggs, and hope you enjoy them as part of your satisfied, healthy and delicious diet as well!! Our ducks thank you for your support of our farm! You can find our Duck Eggs at these fantastic co-ops: Willy Street in Madison WI, River Market in Stillwater MN, and in Minneapolis: the Wedge, Seward, Eastside, Linden HiIls, as well as both Mississippi Markets in St. Paul, Lakewinds in Richfield, Minnetonka and Chanhassen. Also on the menu at Le Town Talk Diner in Mpls and Farm Table in Amery, Wisconsin and soon Terzo Vino Bar also in Mpls!10394140_10152238091396448_7703458258978665096_n