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Spring tornado & all the updates


Last week a tornado came very close to the farm. It was the most surreal experience, my sister and I watched from inside the house as two enormous pine trees came toppling down, right into the driveway. Somehow, amazingly, the trees fell in the perfect spot, right between the two vehicles. After the storm passed (we didn’t know it was a tornado whipping by, just saw the insane straight line winds happening) we went outside. The barn was ok, the ducks were ok, the cows were terrified but ok, the hoophouse miraculously still had it’s plastic on. Then I saw that the monster maple in the front yard had succumbed to the wind. This tree is ENORMOUS….and it fell RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOUSE, just hitting the very corner of the roof on the rather janky sunporch. What a blessing to not have that tree land in the middle of my house!!!! What a relief that all the animals were unharmed. What a shock. Neighbors from the region were instantly out driving around to survey the damage and check in on everyone and make sure no one was in major trouble. Sadly, the tornado did touch down north east of here and caused many injuries and one casualty. So much heartache and damage, and a completely unpreventable situation makes this tragedy even more frustrating. Feeling totally powerless as a human is humbling to say the least.

Otherwise, spring has been trucking along here at LTD Farm. The lady ducks have been totally joyous rabblerousers taking advantage of the wetness to find spots to sneak out of the pasture rotations! I have been enlarging their pastures and monitoring their fences, but ducks are sneaky sneaksters and they will always find a way to get their way! They are laying eggs like maniacs and this is the most lovely time of year for eggs with all their foraging of spring greens and bugs and worms. I have a special price going on at all 3 Mississippi Market Co-op locations through the end of May as a “Thank you” to all  my St. Paul customers!! You can find my duck eggs for sale all over the Twin Cities, click here for a list of all my locations!  Somedays I wish I could just let them all be out on the entirity of the farm land, but there are just too many predators around to allow that and keep them safe. I just saw an actual wolverine crossing the road just a mile away last week!!

Lola’s calf is due in the next week, she and the two boy calves (Mr. Flash and Shorty) are growing well and flourishing on the lush pasture. How I love cows, my friends! I can’t wait to see if Lola has a girl calf, she is bred to a jersey, so if she has a girl I could have a half scottish highland/half jersey milk cow in a few years. Lola won’t give much more milk than what her baby needs, as highlands are primarily a beef breed nowdays, although they used to be more dual purpose in Scotland where they originated. Someof you who have been following the saga know Lola lost her calf last year and I am happy to report that I am much better prepared this year to raise her baby safely.

I also got two sweet little piggies for my birthday, they are American Guinea Hogs and are helping out enlarging and fertilizing the garden for next year, as well as eating all my extra cracked eggs and surplus kitchen snacks. I named them Tom Tom & Muffin Butt. They are hilarious and gentle, and being heritage hogs, Guineas are known for their excellent fat and flavor. I like their size too, I think this might be the first year I am able to handle the entire processing of my hogs myself. I urge you to find a farmer who raises and harvests meat ethically and then go support the crap out of them! You will feel so good & the meat tastes so much better when you know it’s entire story and have a connection with the people who put in the work and love to raise it right. I am still considering raising pastured broilers and turkeys this summer for fall harvest, so let me know if you are interested.

Farmstead Kitchen- Hard Boiled Duck Eggs

The PERFECT hardboiled duck egg

Have you forgotten how delicious a hard boiled egg is? Wait…maybe you are thinking of that “other” kind…. the bland and boring hard-boiled-chicken-egg, so disliked after all the easter egg excess many of us endure. Those are just so *not* enticing. Get yourself a few delicious duck eggs and set yourself up for luxurious perfection in a simple pearly shell. Hard boiled duck eggs are simply a whole other experience!

Did you know a duck egg has twice the protein of a chicken egg? Each duck egg has 9 grams of protein, real FOOD protein, which is much more useful for your body than a protein bar or protein shake could hope to be. Fuel yourself with delicious pastured Duck Eggs from happy ducks!!

Hard boiling duck eggs for your upcoming weekday snacks or lunches is as easy as boiling water. All you have to do is time it properly. Here’s how we do it, and honestly, no fancy schmancy anything. Just perfectly wonderfully light and lovely hard boiled duck eggs.


Put your eggs in a pot and cover them with water. Bring to a boil and then lower the heat to a simmer and THEN set the timer for 9 minutes. When your buzzer goes off, take the pot off the heat, pour off the water and roll the eggs around in the pot to crack the shells. Let them sit in the pot (off the heat) for another ten minutes to cool, and then peel and eat, or stick in the fridge for later use. Use up within 4 days, as once they are cooked they won’t keep as long as raw eggs in the fridge. They make a great and seriously satisfying snack, are awesome in salads, you could make egg salad sandwiches (hot ones are AWESOME with some sauteed garlicky greens,) or use them as part of a delicious Ethiopian style dinner such as this from Nom Nom Paleo. Here are two sample eggs in mid-devouring stage, which I just had to test after double checking my timing on the hard boil. What a hard job….NUMMMMMMMMM. Look how fluffy and perfect they are!!!


We absolutely love hard boiled duck eggs, and hope you enjoy them as part of your satisfied, healthy and delicious diet as well!! Our ducks thank you for your support of our farm! You can find our Duck Eggs at these fantastic co-ops: Willy Street in Madison WI, River Market in Stillwater MN, and in Minneapolis: the Wedge, Seward, Eastside, Linden HiIls, as well as both Mississippi Markets in St. Paul, Lakewinds in Richfield, Minnetonka and Chanhassen. Also on the menu at Le Town Talk Diner in Mpls and Farm Table in Amery, Wisconsin and soon Terzo Vino Bar also in Mpls!10394140_10152238091396448_7703458258978665096_n

July is here!

Here we are suddenly, in the depth of summer! It really goes by increasingly more quickly every year, especially when we have a blink-of-the-eye spring like we’re getting used to. While many folks get to soak up summer by going on vacation, your farmers are focused like a hawk on making the most of the short warm weather growing season. This is our busiest time of the year, when we have to get EVERYTHING done before the snow comes. It’s true, winter is breathing down our necks already!

The grass and plants are lush in the pastures, so it’s THE optimal time to be pasturing animals. As they graze and forage, they capture all that nutritional goodness and flavor, and then provide it to us in their meat, milk or eggs. pastured animals are solar collectors! Our hayfield will be cut and baled, preserving 8 acres of green grass and other plants for the animals to bed and snack on over the long winter. Last winter our pigs ate nearly 20 bales of hay in 2 months, and the ducks used about 200!


Our ducks are SO happy- the wet and cool start to summer is keeping them extremely content and laying lots of eggs. Their eggs taste so fresh and delicious in this mega-green pasture season, and they are SO good for you! We are offering a special price at The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis this month, so go grab a couple 6 packs and make some duck egg salad or deviled duck eggs! Every 6 pack you buy supports us continuing on here, doing right by our animals and caring for the land. Thank you, thank you!

Exciting news: we will be debuting our Duck Eggs at The Willy Street Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin later this month!P1070843 P1070841 P1100732P1100745

WCCO, samples & 5 years of Duck Eggs!!!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be on Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s WCCO Radio Show “Off the Menu” tomorrow, June 6, at 11am! Tune in and hear about everything going out here on our farm, and we’ll also talk about how Duck Eggs are the Ultimate Egg! We’ll post a link to it afterwards in case you miss it.

We’ve been raising heritage ducks and providing their amazing eggs to the Twin City’s Natural Food Co-ops and our CSA members for 5 wonderful years. Our lady ducks are precious to us, and their exuberant personalities reward us every day. When they come running out to their fresh pasture in the morning, watching them happily devouring the grass and weeds can’t help but bring a giant smile to our face. Happy ducks lay the best eggs! Happy ducks equal happy farmers!



The very first LTD Farm ducks in 2008! 100_0367 That first taste of a fresh Duck Egg, gently fried in olive oil! Duck Egg LOVE!


andrew can make the PERFFECT overeasy egg, trapped in a pillow, somehow. He has magic skills.

Duck Eggs make the perfect overeasy egg,                                         with their extra thick and luscious yolk.

and a little feta on top, sit back and watch the show as the custardy yolk oozes out.

duck eggs so fresh they nearly bring tears with their beauty!

Duck Eggs so fresh, healthy and extraordinarily delicious!

a pizza, baked in my well seasoned cast iron pan, with tapenade, nettles, feta, tomatoes I canned and finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top...oh dear, what amazingness!

a little pizza, baked in a oiled cast iron pan, with olive tapenade, nettles, feta, and fresh tomatoes, finished in the last minutes under a broiler with a duck egg perched on top…oh dear, what amazingness!

the same pizza, after I ate half and had to take a picture it was so so so good!


roast potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, dried ramps, garlic, onion until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple duck eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for maybe 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

Simple Duck Egg bake- roast a few sliced & seasoned potatoes and fresh tomatoes in the oven, with olive oil, salt, pepper, scallions, garlic, until the potatoes are done, then crack a couple Duck Eggs on top to bake in the juiciness for 3 minutes more. Absolute divinity.

100_3370 A simple and very nourishing Duck Egg on toast with                 garden greens and avocado.P1050939 Duck Eggs make the BEST Aioli/Homemade Mayonnaise, because of their luxurious creaminess. Click here for the recipe.

eggs with sriracha sauce (homemade!!) along with chard and hashbrowns. nummm

Duck Eggs with sriracha sauce, along with chard and hashbrowns. Power breakfast!


Duck Egg Quiches for a party!

Duck eggs are a SUPERFOOD! They contain twice as much protein, potassium and Vitamin A, three times as much iron, and five times as much Vitamin B12, compared to chicken eggs. Duck eggs are also higher in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, thiamin, niacin, Vitamin B6, folate, and retinol. They contain twice the amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids as chicken eggs do. Monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol,) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol).

You can find our Duck Eggs at the following Twin City Co-ops:

Seward Community Co-op- Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 12-2:30

Linden Hills Co-op– Duck Egg samples Sunday 7/7, from 4-6:30

Mississippi Market Co-op’s 2 locations– Duck Egg samples Saturday 7/13, @Selby 11-2, and West 7th from 3-5pm

The Wedge Co-op– Duck Egg samples Tuesday 7/16, from noon-3

River Market Co-op, in beautiful dowtown Stillwater

Eastside Co-op in vibrant NE Minneapolis

starting 7/9, you can also find our Duck Eggs at Lakewinds Natural Foods’ locations in Minnetonka and Chanhassen!

duck eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!

Duck Eggs make the BEST homemade pasta!


duck eggs and goatmilk soap, the heart of our CSA offerings!

Duck Eggs and our handmande goatmilk soap are in every CSA box from our farm, email us to get on the list for next season.

love those beautiful duck eggs!

love those beautiful Duck Eggs!


snowmaggedon, again!

We’re having the most crazy spring here. It is May 2nd, and we woke up to over a FOOT of SNOW!!!!!!!! 


Just a week ago, we decided we to delay the start date of our CSA. Because the soil is too wet to work, we are seriously a month behind with all the field work required to begin growing in the garden. We had sugar snap peas sprouting in the garden on April 2nd last year, and this year we STILL can’t even WALK in the garden without sinking up to our calves! Once this nonsense is over, we’re be ready to go….we have many thousands of plants started indoors, ready and waiting to be moved outside.

Learning to grow food in this changing climate is going to be a struggle for gardener and farmer alike. The growing season in the Northern Midwest is short enough already, and now with the highly variable weather extremes on either end of the season, we need to choose breeds and varieties which are resilient and can handle these fluctuations.

Luckily we have the most hardy heritage ducks!   ducks going out in the May 2nd snowstorm!   Our Khaki Campbells  are laying their decadent eggs in the early morning and enjoying going outside every day, even in a snowstorm! We’re excited to have just added the Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis as one of the stores selling our delicious duck eggs! We love Co-ops! And boy, do we love our duck eggs….

2 over-easy peppered duck eggs on top of creamy grits cooked in chicken broth, with sauteed mushrooms, onions and pinto beans. YUMMMM.

Fried Duck eggs with goat cheddar and sauerkraut on toast- Our new favorite combo. The trick for a perfect fried duck egg is using medium heat, and for not too long. Duck eggs have more protein and require gentle cooking, but reward you with a luscious texture and a divine, rich flavor!

The geese were moved out of the hoophouse last week, in anticipation of spring. We really thought that would be the very last of the snow for the year!

We just got the first three goslings from their eggs, hatched by a friend. Here’s a little video clip: the new goslings We hope to have quite a few more goslings from our goose experience, but hatching these eggs in an incubator is proving to be very very difficult. The next angle is to allow the mother geese to set up their own nests and incubate their own eggs. We’ll see how that works out. So far they’ve made elaborate nests out of hay and pine needles, but after this snowstorm….we’re not sure how it will go.

how to properly cook a duck egg

How to cook a Duck Egg? Go easy on the heat. Here’s how we do it:

Warm a cast iron skillet on Medium high with a little oil in it. Crack your eggs in the pan, break the yolk if desired and salt and pepper them. As soon as you can flip the egg over “safely,” do that, and then TURN THE HEAT OFF. Leave the cast iron pan on the burner and then your egg will finish cooking for a couple minutes with this gentle heat. Duck eggs have a considerably higher amount of protein, so if you cook them too hot, too fast, the protein will seize up, causing a tough & rubbery egg. If you cook your duck eggs as described above, they will be silky, luscious & have a rich creamy texture.
We’d love to know how do you cook your duck eggs as well as your favorite recipes!