Media about LTD Farm

Please note some of this media was from the time when Andrew and I were farming together, that is no longer the case, it’s just me (Khaiti) now.


Check out the newest 2016 documentary on LTD Farm, called “Dreaming with Lola” made by Jila Nikpay. See the the full short film by clicking HERE!!!

Dreaming with Lola (2016) / Trailer from Jila Nikpay on Vimeo.



Dining with Dara – Chickens Move Over, there’s a new egg in town

Quack an Egg – Monterey County Herald

Raising the golden egg – Star Tribune

The New Pioneers – Star Tribune

The Wisdom of Young Farmers –

The Duck Eggs of LTD Farm – Heavy Table

Star Tribune: Taste Top 50

Laurie Schneider: Sustainable Farmers . Stewards of the Land

The Perennial Plate Episode 36

Living The Dream Farm – The Mix

Media by LTD Farm

Raising Free Range Turkeys is a Joy! – article by Khaiti in

“Small Farmers Journal, Summer 2012”

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Rochelle Miller

    Hi; I am wondering if your farm is the one I lived on. Our farm was located in Arland Wisc, Barron County. My brother and I stopped by a couple of years ago and you let us come in to see the house. The Hay River flowed through our property. You had just rebuilt the barn and were building a new house where my grandparents cottage used to be. If this is your farm I would very much like a response back from you. I would like to bring my Aunt with me to visit. She is 84 years old and grew up on that farm. Sincerely; Rochelle Miller

  2. admin

    Sorry to say it couldn't be the same one, we're in Clayton. The Hay River is nearby, but not running through the farm here. We hope you can find it some day!!

  3. Lyndsey

    Can I order chicken directly from you? I'm a vegetarian and have pushed towards vegan but am running into some health problems. I need to get a bit of meat in my system & am not thrilled about it. I have agreed to incorporate a teeny bit of chicken to get started & have gone over website after website to find a farm I feel morally comfortable buying from. After reading your multiple posts, you're thus far, the only farm I feel better about buying from. Please please, let me know. I'll buy in bulk or however you'd like. I just need to know the animals I'm eating are appropriately & well taken care of during their life & as well as when slaughtered. I would be over the moon if you could respond. Thank you so so much!

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