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  1. Kelley Hagenbuch

    hello, this is a second attempt to reach you to see if you would be interested in coming to a gathering I have organized: The Great Back to Nature Exchange in Somerset, Wi. I am particularly interested in a Permaculture presentation of some kind to last 30 min-1hour. Please let me know if you might be interested. I have already made posters but could add you in anyway... Thanks, Kelley

  2. LTD Farmers

    Hello Kelley - Thanks for your offer, yes I would be interested in presenting at your event - what is the date of this event and what topics would you be interested in? I would recommend something along the lines of "Holistic Livestock on a Small Farm" because raising and utilizing animals on the land is the heart of our farming operation and and our passion. Please send me any details you can to farmers @ ltdfarm.com. Thank you! -A

  3. Kent shultz

    I raise Blue Slate turkeys on my 5 1/2 acre ranch. I have 22, with 8 Tom's. I have them in two large pens. My chickens are free range and would like to have my Turkey's free range too. I would like to know what kind of fencing you have around your property to keep them in? I have a six strand barbwire fence. My chickens never go beyond it. There are several groups of wild turkeys round. Do i need to worry about them? Thank you. Kent Shultz, Shultz's Rocking Chair Ranch.

  4. FarmerKhaiti

    very good questions, never had much luck keeping turkey breeding stock, mine ran off with wild turkeys, so- yes watch out for that! I use electronet for pastured birds, but if they are heritage turkeys, they will often be able to fly over the net. Turkeys tend to have a much larger range than chickens do, so try letting them out when you are home and see how they do. Daytime predators can be a issue- fox, bear, big cats, coyotes even, as well as roads. I don't have a good resource to direct you to other than this Chenowith (not sure the first name right now, Henry?) book I found online and bought about setting up and raising range turkeys, although even he was doing broad breasted birds. Another idea would be to do field fence all around your acreage and keep a Pyrenees dog as their protector, something I have thought about doing but 39 acres is a lot to fence! All the best to you

  5. Abby

    Hello, I am going to be doing a science project where I incubate duck eggs and raise the ducklings until a proper age. I was just wondering if you'd be able to take the ducks once they are a little older and provide them with a loving home? You can get a hold of me with the email listed down below. Thanks, Abby

  6. Jeffrey Theissen

    Hello, some revered colleagues of mine referred me to ltdfarm for duck eggs. I would be interested in about a dozen and a half a week to 2 dozen. Executive Chef at Moscow on the Hill

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