Pastured Chicken, Duck and Turkey

                                                 2019 Pastured Poultry Sign Up is NOW OPEN!!!

Bubsters are at over 8 lbs live weight....!

Bubsters are at over 8 lbs live weight….!

LTD Farm 2019 Pastured Poultry Sign Up

—-Chickens—-Ducks—- Turkeys—–

All our birds are raised ole’ timey-like, with sun and fresh air and pasture, fed all natural grains and veggies and fruits, never given antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. They will be humanely harvested on the farm and ready for pickup FRESH on the dates listed below. Circle the date you’d like. Each bird requires a small deposit, so just write how many birds and multiply that by the deposit amount, mail us a check and we will raise your birds for you! You just show up on the farm on your day to pick ’em up. Balance will be due based on the weights of your birds, minus your deposit amount. Reserving your birds helps us know how many to raise, so please take a look and let us know what we can raise for you in 2019!

Broiler Chickens

$4/lb, average 5-7 lbs              $5 deposit each x (# of birds)= ______________

“Delicious, juicy, unbelievable, so tender, best I’ve ever had, like real chicken should taste….” these are all things we’ve heard about our Broilers. We eat at least 1 every week, year round. Each bird provides many meals and then delicious bone broth after that! They are a delight to raise and see running all around, living a good chicken life as they should all. You can truly taste it.

Feet $4/lb, hearts $6/lb, liver $4/lb Gizzards (cleaned) $3/lb Note any you’d like:________________________

Dates are : (please circle which you’d like)   6/2     6/30    7/28     8/25     9/29



$7/lb, average 5-7lbs             $5 deposit each x (# of ducks)=___________________

We’re raising Pekin Ducks for meat for the first time this year. They’ll be raised with our chickens, outside on grass with a varied diet, living the good life. They cost a bit more to feed and are much, much more difficult to pluck so you’ll see the price is higher than for chicken. Duck is decadent and a much more intense all-dark meat. It’s exquisite.

Feet $6/lb, hearts $6/lb, liver $8/lb Gizzard pieces $3/lb Note any you’d like:_____________________

Dates are : (please circle which you’d like)   6/2     6/30    7/28     8/25     9/29



$5/lb, average 15-20lb_________ $20 deposit per bird                Thanksgiving or December Holiday

If every year you have a dry and bland turkey, or one that needs a lot of help to be edible, then you should treat yourself to a REAL turkey for the holidays! These pasture-raised turkeys are incredible, so flavorful, and juicy as can be. They’ll be raised outdoors on pasture, with an all-natural diet like our chickens and ducks, hand harvested on the farm the weekend before Thanksgiving, so they will be fresh for your Thanksgiving dinner. Comes with giblets. We will offer frozen turkeys for December holiday meals, reservation process and price is the same.


Mail your deposit check and this form to LTD Farm, our address is 454 4-½ Ave Clayton, WI 54004 (NE from Reeve, about 3 miles.) Mark your calendars for the pick up dates you’ve chosen, we’ll be in touch when we get your deposit and then the week or 2 before pickup to confirm all details. Email any questions to

Name, email and phone number:


Total number of birds and deposit amount sent:

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  1. Nathan Boggs

    I REALLY like this photo! That is all.:)

  2. chris schultz

    Hi there, I am interested in your CSA and chicken shares. I tried to sign up for your e-mail update -- but got a 404 error when I clicked link within the confirmation e-mail. When you have details on the CSA can you send them to me? Chris

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