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Bubsters are at over 8 lbs live weight....!

Bubsters are at over 8 lbs live weight….!

I just love raising my Jumbo Broiler Chickens, which I call the “Bubsters.” They are joyful, healthy and active, with plenty of fresh pasture where they run around, forage and graze, and enjoy their delicious all natural and locally grown feed. Each chicken averages about 6 pounds of incredibly juicy and flavorful chicken. One Chicken Share reserves 5 Chickens, the remaining balance is based on dressed weight and due on pick-up date, on farm pick-up is required as I hand harvest all of my birds here on the farm myself. Let me know if you are interested in broilers for the fall and I will put you on the list. Email me at farmerkhaiti@gmail

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  1. Nathan Boggs

    I REALLY like this photo! That is all.:)

  2. chris schultz

    Hi there, I am interested in your CSA and chicken shares. I tried to sign up for your e-mail update -- but got a 404 error when I clicked link within the confirmation e-mail. When you have details on the CSA can you send them to me? Chris

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