The Farmstead Kitchen

This is an on-going project where I am sharing recipes I make using food I raise and grow on the farm

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  1. Arletta French

    ok,, this just might take a little while to read and get all the way through !!.. But I am so glad you did this .. love it'

  2. Cindy Mueller

    Would it be possible to talk with you at some point about homesteading and also starting my own farm? We currently have about 30 acres in Mississippi and want to start my own business with the help of my son and daughter in law. If you have time I would like to talk with you personally or email you with questions.

  3. FarmerKhaiti

    Sure! Khaiti's working on a book specifically about this situation. Send your questions over!

  4. Stephanie K

    That's awesome! How is the book going? I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  5. FarmerKhaiti

    Hi Stephanie- I just began posting the chapters here: Let me know what you think!!! -Khaiti

  6. Sarah Heim

    Hi Khaiti! I left a comment earlier on Facebook as well, but I was wondering if you ever need help on your farm? My only day off is Sunday, but I'd love to help a couple times a month. Granted, it's also selfish - I'd love to recharge away from the city and see your animals as well : ). Let me know either way! Thanks! Sarah

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