Pastured Duck Eggs

the elusive lady ducks...................

Pastured Duck EggsDSC01615


My Decadent & Delicious Duck Eggs are available seasonally (usually March- November) at these select retail locations:

Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, MN @ Franklin & Friendship locations

The Wedge Community Co-op, Minneapolis

River Market Co-op, downtown Stillwater

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op, St. Paul -@ Selby & West 7th & EAST 7th

Eastside Cood Co-op, NE Mpls

Linden Hills Grocery & Deli, S Mpls, near Edina

Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-ops, Minnetonka, Richfield & Chanhassen

Willy Street Co-op, Madison, WI

Fresh and Natural Foods 2 locations in Hudson, WI & Shoreview, MN.


I focus on quality of life for my lady ducks, where they are outside on pasture everyday (even in the snow!) and safe in the barn at night, they have tubs to splash and bathe in, hay to snarffle through, the company of each other. I work with my local grain mill to make a custom mix made of locally grown grains. No animal ingredients, antibiotics, hormones or medications.





Comments ( 47 )

  1. Jordan Hamilton

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing your duck eggs for our Sunday Brunch menu. I would take 4 dz if available at this time. Thank you for your prompt response. Jordan

  2. d'alvin

    can you let me know as soon as your duck eggs are available again? I adore them, but moved away from NE mpls, so I am thinking probably seward to receive them when they are back. PS I got sick off larry schulz eggs right before the recall and now I don't even want to mess around with any other eggs besides yours -- thanks for all that you do! doves, d'alvin cicada sonic

  3. Gianna

    Hey, Khaiti and Andrew! So I don't know where to go to order soap! How do I do that? I need to do this while I am thinking about it! Thanks!

  4. Dana

    Good morning - I heard about you folks on MPR this week and wanted to know where I could pick up some duck eggs. I live up in Lindstrom, MN and was wondering if you sell your duck eggs at River Market in Stillwate?

  5. admin

    Hello Dana, thanks for getting in touch. We sell at co-ops in Minneapolis and St.Paul, not at River Market yet this year. As our new ladies continue to lay, that location may be a possibility! Thanks for asking! You'll love those duck eggs!!!!!

  6. Nancy

    Please advise on where I may purchase your duck eggs. Be it at your farm directly or in St Paul store. Thank you,

  7. LTD Farmers

    we have eggs at both Mississippi Markets in St. Paul!

  8. Agnes Ring

    Hello! I live in Huntley, IL and would like to know how I can order duck eggs from you? I used to order it from Cross Farms but she decided to stop as the cost she said is too high. Thanks!

  9. LTD Farmers

    We're sorry we cannot ship eggs due to the very high cost - you might want to check for local farms on, or check with Metzer Farms, they do ship duck eggs all over the country

  10. Kelly

    Won a great basket of goodies at. Montessori fundraiser. Would like to purchase some of the dilly beans. How could we do that?

  11. LTD Farmers

    Hi there, thanks for getting in touch! We're east of Stillwater by about 1 hour. LEt us know if you'd like directions out!

  12. Kelly Brinkman

    I would like to know how to reserve a turkey for thanksgiving purchase. I love checking out your pictures and your duck eggs are divine.

  13. jim wagner

    How long after duck egg expiration are the eggs still safe to eat?

  14. LTD Farmers

    they should technically be used by that sell-by date, according to the egg labeling requirements, but we find they are good for at least another couple weeks. Duck eggs have such a thick shell that tends to keep them fresh longer. Just use your good sense when you crack them open and examine them, and cook thoroughly. Thanks so much!

  15. Karen

    Do you know when you will begin to distribute to local stores like Mississippi Market? I am allergic to. Hickey eggs and I am waiting with baited breath to get my mouth on some duck eggs sooner than later. Dr. Palmen

  16. LTD Farmers

    Hi Karen - I assume you mean chicken eggs, not hickey eggs! Our ducks just started to lay so we will be delivering our eggs to the Cities within a couple weeks here - Thanks for you enthusiasm and we will soon be at Mississippi Market with our duck eggs, breathe easy!

  17. Amy

    Hello! I'm wondering if you ever sell eggs from your farm for hatching?

  18. FarmerKhaiti

    we don't sorry- our eggs are not fertilized!

  19. brandon

    I am the chef of Terzo Vino Bar in south Minneapolis and I am looking for a duck egg supplier. Please contact me via email.

  20. oddie

    hi I'm wondering, would you ship like 2 dozens of duck eggs to another state via usp or fedex and I will pay for both, reply by email please.

  21. Greg Masilko

    Hi, I am currently writing my summer menu and am looking for a duck egg supplier I was wondering if you deliver to the Blaine area, please let me know. Thank you

  22. FarmerKhaiti

    sent you an email, thank you!

  23. Carla in MN

    Hello! I have a short story and a couple questions :) Eating chicken eggs triggers asthma for a week or more and also skin issues for my 6 year old. I read about duck eggs as a possible alternative for people who do not tolerate chicken eggs and have had two successful trials with duck eggs used in baked goods, the second time was with eggs from your farm. No asthma symptoms! I am wondering if you could tell me what your ducks feed on (he also has celiac disease) and what type of ducks you raise. We plan to begin raising ducks for our family and figure the same type might be good. Thanks!

  24. Carla

    Would you mind emailing me with information on what kind of ducks you raise and where you purchased them starting out? My son cannot tolerate chicken eggs, but we have baked with your duck eggs from Lakewinds with no bad reaction. Very exciting! So, we are wanting to raise a few ducks for our family to have eggs and you seem to really enjoy your ducks, so we would like to try raising the same kind if possible.

  25. Richard Wilts

    Hi I,m disabled and cannot travel ,what do you charge per dozen duck eggs? If I pay for all the shipping to my home in Murdock, Mn. that's in central Mn. I would want 4 dozen to start with, Could you please consider sending them to me i will pay you ahead of receiving the eggs if you want or paypal what ever payment way you want thank you for considering.Richard Wilts 320-875-2284

  26. Aphantri

    I would like to buy your duck eggs about 4 dz. I live in Stillwater MN. Thank you so much.

  27. FarmerKhaiti

    The duck egg season is just about over, but let me know if you're real and I can hook you up, by replying to this message.

  28. Sandy Triebenbach

    I'm very interested in your duck eggs as I'm not able to eat chicken eggs was wondering if its possible to ship them at all I live in central Minnesota I realize this is close to the end of your season was wondering if something could be arranged also what would be the price thank you

  29. Carl

    Thank you Khaiti for giving such a happy home to your ducks! My family benefits from the amazing eggs they lay. =) We buy them from River, Seward and Wedge. We are about to go on a corn cleanse and are wondering if there is any corn or soy in the feed you give them. We were very happy to see them back this week!

  30. Chris

    Just found out the duck eggs are back at the coop. Happy day after an egg free winter. Thank you LTD ducks!

  31. tom

    what does "DOP 153" mean on the duck egg packaging?

  32. FarmerKhaiti

    That is "date of pack" and the number is a Julian Date, 153 is June 1st.

  33. William Shang

    If your product has USDA cert (legal for resale), We would like order 150 dz jumbo duck egg as first trial, Jumbo size, 12 ct packing, not loose. Please quote. Thank you.

  34. Sheryl Morris

    You stopped selling your wonderful eggs at the Fresh and Natural in Mendota Heights. My body does not like chicken eggs. But I can eat your duck eggs. Plus they have much more flavor. If you are going to Mississippi Market I would think you could stop by here (Mendota Heights) and drop a few off. I understand you have a minimum order but please please please.

  35. FarmerKhaiti

    you'll find them back on the shelf now, thank you for letting me know!!!

  36. San Son

    Can I buy it directly from you when available? I want four dozen a month. Also, Do you have goose egg?

  37. Karissa

    Are your eggs still available for purchase in Hudson, WI? Please say yes!! I have been searching and searching for duck eggs and I believe yours would be best!!! I live about 30 minutes south-east of Hudson. I don't know if I have ever heard of Freash and Natural Foods in Hudson?

  38. Sarah Johnson

    Can I still get duck eggs from you? Lakewinds is out. Best, Sarah

  39. FarmerKhaiti

    Yes at Fresh and Natural you can find them! Thank you!! But please note Jan-Feb I usually have no eggs, as the duck ladies take winter off laying eggs.

  40. FarmerKhaiti

    Thank you Sarah!!! Nice to meet you!

  41. Domanee Yang

    Hi, I want to know if there are duck's egg selling in Saint Paul and not Minneapolis. Also what is your type of payment and are they sold only locally?

  42. FarmerKhaiti

    Sent you an email!

  43. Renee Huff

    Please let me know if I can stop to pick up duck eggs on Sunday, March 26th 2017. Few to a few dozen. Renee

  44. FarmerKhaiti

    on farm pick up works, but please give me a few days out so i can make sure to see the comment on time!

  45. Shauna B

    I'm so happy to find your duck eggs at the Willy St. Coop in Madison! I have an egg sensitivity and can only tolerate duck egg yolks. Having a source for quality duck eggs makes this egg-lover happy!

  46. Carol

    We LOVE the flavor and texture of your duck eggs -- they are amazing! We buy them at Lakewinds Minnetonka. Two questions: 1. How can we buy your other products? (meat and ?) 2. Besides whatever is in the pasture, what do you feed your ducks? (and other animals) Just had your duck eggs fried alongside some lamb liver from The Lamb Shoppe in Hutch - perfect breakfast :) Thanks!

  47. Tamra Gillen

    I am allergic to chicken eggs and have buying your eggs thru Lakewind Coop in Richfield. I am curious about the expiration date on your eggs. I purchased several dozen last week in hopes of stocking-up, but then noticed the expiration was rather quick (11/17). I was under the impression that they could last several months if refrigerated. Is that only if they are not washed? I was hoping to stock up for several months, but I don't think that is going to be possible. Can you please reply to this inquiry please. I'd like to purchase more before they stop producing, but if they are going to expire rather quickly, then I'm feeling really depressed about that. Thanks, Tamra

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