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I specialize in raising absolutely delicious pastured duck eggs from happy happy ducks, as well as raising other animals as they all should be- on pasture! Please peruse the tabs below “The Farm Products” to see what I have to offer, and feel free to contact me with any questions!  1412265_10151722445322751_1572836609_o 887379_10152882472527751_8193915459573883051_o 54823_10151087462947751_56190370_o222962_1773926903383_2970621_n 11160674_10152866770597751_24628661669963821_n  11846727_10152956026882751_7555041022466096215_n14994_353506111447_7221844_n965788_10151486695916448_1575014487_o1146196_10151595582241448_1562915713_o11051808_10152953002787751_7850233088778389248_n477131_10150876573426448_1209758086_o11222646_10152867171507751_383718360300309371_n1074308_10151605324891448_2072573623_o 11891206_10152984847892751_774181461099287567_n

Comments ( 22 )

  1. Catherine Nicholson

    Do you still have any turkeys left? I would really like to have one!! The last time we had a fresh, not frozen family raised turkey, it was delicious!! I've raised 4 turkeys and couldnt bear to eat them, but would love to be inspired! I will not need the turkey until Friday or Saturday, but could come and pick it up whenever it is convienient for you. Where are you located? I learned about your farm and turkeys from a flyer at the River Market Coop bulletin board. Thanks! Catherine

  2. admin

    We do have a couple left! We've sent you an email with more info. Our free range, organic fed turkeys are happy creatures, and we really respect the life they give so that we can eat well. Thanks!

  3. Georgianne Kleiss

    Oh, yes, Turkeys! Will you have turkeys at Thanksgiving time? Or Christmas. :)

  4. LTD Farmers

    Yes! We'll have fresh turkeys available the weekend before Thanksgiving, and you could get a 2nd one to save for Christmas, sent you an email, thank you!!

  5. gwhitmore

    Hey, am enjoying the duck eggs...I bought @ "Wedge CO-OP" How often are you @ the "Wedge"CO-OP..on Lyndale Ave. So.Mpls .?? ...?? Considering trying your rabbit...??..need info.

  6. LTD Farmers

    HI there, thank you SO much, we're so glad you're enjoying our duck eggs! We come to the Wedge once a week. The next rabbit will be available fresh on the farm in approx 1 month. Since we harvest them ourselves, we do require on-farm pickup.

  7. Marie

    Hello! I have a couple egg questions: I'm curious if you give your ducks any extra feed or supplements in addition to their pasturing. I am highly allergic to corn and all derivatives (citric acid, etc) and have reactions to eggs from birds that were fed corn rations. Do you wash your eggs, and does the wash contain anything other than water? Thanks!

  8. Tai

    I Love your duck eggs! I put brie cheese underneath and saute kale on the side drizzled with olive oil. The yolks are so velvety which I've never had with a chicken egg. So delicious. :)

  9. FarmerKhaiti

    sent you an email! Thank you!

  10. FarmerKhaiti

    Thank you Tai so very much!

  11. FarmerKhaiti

    Thank you!! I love the Wedge! Rabbits are no longer raised here though, but I bet the Wedge could order some in for you.

  12. Deb tabbert

    Is there a phone number I can call to ask questions? I don't use the computer much so would prefer to talk

  13. FarmerKhaiti

    sent you an email!

  14. pasture helper

    pasture has too many weeeds.... plant blend of tall fescue and ALSIKE CLOVER with oats as cover year one... after tilling

  15. Larry Messerly

    We live in La Crosse and my wife can no longer eat chicken eggs. Do you sell anywhere near here?

  16. Kellie

    Are your beef spoken for? What else can we buy from you? xo Kellie

  17. Katelyn

    Is there a way to buy duck eggs directly from you? I live in excelsior, Mn & usually buy your eggs from the Minnetonka lakewinds, but they often run out.

  18. SAN SON

    What is your prices for duck eggs?

  19. FarmerKhaiti

    You can email me at to discuss pricing and delivery options, thank you!!

  20. She

    Are duck eggs available in the winter?. They are fantastic and one of the only allowed proteins in my diet.

  21. Karen

    When will duck eggs be available again at Mississippi Market?

  22. FarmerKhaiti

    You'll find them NOW back on the shelf, as of March 2018!!! Thanks!

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