The Farm

The Farm

photo by Chris Bohnhoff -

photo by Chris Bohnhoff –

Living the Dream Farm is located in Western Wisconsin, tucked away in the rolling hills. We raise lovely Khaki Campbell ducks for eggs, happy pastured pigs, pastured geese and turkeys, as well as plump, pastured broiler chickens. We’re just beginning to dabble in the world of cattle for 2015. We offer unique Meat CSA shares, make goat milk soap and all kinds of other farm goodies…we’re “living the dream” everyday. It’s hard work, but it is our passion in life.

LTD Farm focuses on permaculture methods for building the farm systems. By looking at the full spectrum of the land we are stewarding here, we can do it justice and not just maintain but improve the quality of air, soil and life. We use sustainable methods for the animals, vegetables, perennial crops and the land. The animals here are building the soil as they live their lives on it.

The LTD Farm philosophy is to provide for the animals who then provide for us and you, our customers. All done with respect for their lives and beings,with respect, kindness and compassion. We want them to have good lives, full of normal animal behaviors and experiences. In return they provide us with some of the most amazing farm products imaginable, and they complete the cycle of fertility on the land as well.


  • hey khaiti! i am the first to post :)
    im so proud of you! this website is awesome!!
    love you!

  • Congratulations on your new website! I look forward to all the news to come!

  • You rock! I love it! Soo proud of you. I love the site.

  • Way to go Khaiti – you rawkkk! Website is really informative and fun, love the pix and love how much you love these animals! Awesome xo

  • You are very inspiring. Live your dream and your mother lives through you!!!

  • LTD Farmers

    thanks so much, it is a wonderful feeling to have her inspire me everyday.

  • Do you take visitors. In Osceola Fri 28th and would like to see the farm


  • LTD Farmers

    Thanks for asking- I am kinda swamped right now, but hope to have another open house this summer when everyone can come out. Glad for your interest!

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you have pilgrim geese and if you do will you have goslings for sale this year?

  • We raised Duroc hogs about 50 years ago and are looking to get a few gilts for my grandniece. Can’t find any real old line Durocs and you came up in the search. Do you have any to sell in your plans or know who might have. The purebreds I’ve looked at were built about like greyhounds and probably taste like them so I’m looking around here in N. Wi.(Cumberland) for some oldline. All the places we used to get hogs have gotten old and died on us.

  • LTD Farmers

    Hey David! We don’t currently raise pigs, although we are planning to start again in a year or two. We definitely LOVED our Durocs, they really shined as a pig breed in our opinion. We bought ours from a friend who currently is raising Large Black / Duroc crosses and I don’t think they have any for sale. We did get a Tamworth boar from a place called Carlena Farms – Harvey is a knowledgeable pig raiser.
    Tamworths are apparently great grazing pigs, and very mellow. Google Carlena Farms to find his info.

  • Hi Khaiti,
    It was so wonderful to meet you and see the farm. Love your enthusiasm and vast knowledge! Looking forward to thanksgiving with the family thanks to your incredible efforts.
    Peace and strength to you,

  • LTD Farmers

    Thank you Bonnie so much for coming out to the farm to pick up your bird, and for bringing your friend along too! We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, we really appreciate your support so much!

  • Hi was wondering if you guys sell any of your rabbits.. they are So cute

  • LTD Farmers

    Sorry- we no longer have rabbits, but you can find adoptable rabbits craigslist sometimes.

  • Very cool! Love your story and your blog! We will visit you one day for some fresh farm stuff!!!

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