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Duck eggs vs. chicken eggs- I get asked all the time—“what is the difference?”

For me there is NO contest on which egg wins on all counts; flavor, texture, hugeness and decadence of the yolks. The duck eggs have more protein, more good fats, more minerals and vitamins too!

The freshness of my lady ducks’ eggs can’t be beat. I deliver the eggs that have been laid by my girls that very week. You can find them at Seward Co-op, Mississippi Market’s 2 locations, and The Eastside Co-op. Many other eggs sit for (literally) months before being packed and shipped out to a retail outlet. No wonder when you crack a regular egg open the white spills out like water- that indicates that the egg is’s not “bad” yet, but NOT FRESH. Crack open one of our LTD Duck eggs, and your white hardly even moves it is so thick and fresh! Note the yolk, also very perky, atop the clear mound of the egg white.

a freshly laid duck egg....simply gorgeous

a freshly laid duck egg....simply gorgeous

Lately I have been tasting a mushroomy-nuance in my Duck’s eggs, not sure if it is a seasonal thing, or just my taste buds finding more delicious flavors in those luscious gems. I have two almost every single day. My favorite way to prepare them is cracked open on top of leftover roasted potato chunks (or hashbrowns, nice and crispy), and then salt and pepper and  barely cook. Dunking those potatoes in the thick custardy yolk  makes me so happy and satisfied.

My duck eggs make everything taste better; brownies, pad thai, fritatta, dumplings in a soup, homemade pasta, sweet custards, puddings, quiche, french toast, omelettes, cheesecake, pasta carbonara, flan……the list goes on and on!

See some great photos taken by Tate Carlson from Twin City Metro Magazine!

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