Famous eggs – available at Seward Co-op and Mississippi Market Co-op locations


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My lady ducks’ eggs have made the Top 50 Tastes of 2010 in the Star Tribune Newspaper! Way to go gals, love ya!

48. Quacking good eggs

Khaiti Kahleck’s business started with a taste. “I had my first duck egg and I flipped out,” said this former self-described “angry vegan.” “They have so much substance and richness, it just blew me away.” We have that same feeling about her duck eggs, produced by 160 happy, milk-chocolate-colored Khaki Campbells, who roam outdoors and eat very well on Kahleck’s small Osceola, Wis., farm. The eggs’ shells have a stunning opalescence, and their nutrient-packed yolks translate into some incredible baking. A former Seward Co-op staffer, Kahleck christened her farm “LTD,” for Living the Dream, and in just three years she’s carved out a swath of devoted customers. “I have some pretty hard-core fans,” she said.”


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