turkey day, getting up close and personal tomorrow


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100_2202This is the letter that went out to my turkey purchasers this morning:

Alrighty- this is the last check in.

Everybody ready for this? I am so ready….have been thinking about this all week long!

Here’s the stuff to bring:

cash for the bird $40

a big, clean cooler and at least 5 lbs of ice.

warm clothes and gloves, and some warm footwear that can handle getting wet.

A ziplock bag to put organs/feet in if you want to keep them

I’ll provide knives, cold water to get the birds chilled down ASAP after eviscerating and some foods. I still have feta and yogurt and soaps for donation/sale, so bring cash for that if you want too!

I just kept my bird in the cooler until cooking- with plenty of ice and keeping it from pooling in water, my first turkey was still super fresh after a week. Imagine how old the birds at CUB are!! Be prepared, you’re gonna have a nice size bird. The bigger the bird, the more the meat to bone ratio. I recommend an over night slow-roasting, breastside down, as it led to the most luscious turkey ever (I had a 30lb er two months ago as a trial run for thanksgiving.)

If you’re worried about this, be comforted that these birds have had an incredible life. They really have a been a joy to care for, to admire and to sing back and forth with. I’ll miss this crazy group, but I am honored to be the one who raised your Thanksgiving day turkey. So, here we go!

Email with questions!



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