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Since introducing the group of mom ducks to their youngsters, my flock has gotten VERY noisy. A bunch of rabblerousers….I am not sure how well my elderly neighbors can hear, but I can hear these ducks in the middle of the night, quacking away. They are usually just talking to each other, not sure what they are saying, but its a back and forth kind of deal. I like how it literally sounds like a big laugh, on and on!

three ducklings hatched from my lady ducks

three ducklings hatched from my lady duck

My ducks are just so beautiful, I really can sit and watch them and just be mesmerized for a long while. Their dark beady eyes always watching me. Even though my ducks are mostly a seal brown color, the patterns and undulations inside their feathers are jawdropping when you take the time to observe them. From 33 layers, I collected just 15 eggs today- production is dwindling with the shortened day length. Very sad. I will have one more delivery to Heartland, a couple of swaps to make good on, and then I stock up my own winter stash of eggs. Sigh. They’ll be back to laying in march.

In honor of my love for ducks, for breakfast I am having duck soup.
Tomato rice, mushroom, duck liver and gizzard soup with a duck foot/bone broth.

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  1. abby

    I am confused how you are showing love for your ducks by eating them? I really would like to understand but it just makes no sense to me. Taking their eggs is one thing (I can handle that in a non-factory farming system), but eating them? I love my dog, but I don't eat other people's dogs to show him how much I love him. Or to honor him or whatever. It just seems really counter-intuitive.

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