A beautiful day in the country….


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Our extended nice fall weather has enabled me to get a lot of projects finished around the farm, as well as time to enjoy and observe the animals. Schatzi got her hooves trimmed today and she and her mom, Metallika, are still giving a good amount of milk. I have stopped the twice a day milking, so now I have more time to socialize in the evenings. For the past 7 months, I had to stop what I was doing and go home by 8pm to milk, and get up for 8am milkings too! I love it, but it is nice to have some freedom again. Love my goaties! I welcomed 3 new does last week, Rudi, Vanessa and May. They are Saanen goats, known for their excellent milk production. I’ll have 7 does kidding next spring- get ready for some crazy baby goat parties starting in March! Good times. Funny to already be thinking of spring time, but that’s how it goes with livestock…always planning. Sitting down to some crostini with feta, tapenade, and pesto for lunch. Yum!

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