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2016 at LTD Farm was successful but very, very hard. It was my first year farming entirely on my own at this scale, and I nearly lost my marbles. Being self employed is hard enough; farming is absolutely crazy making. Guess it weeds out the wimps! I had so many balls in the air, irons in the fire, a constantly shrinking bank account, my sales did not meet my goals, and it felt like everything on the farm was constantly breaking or falling apart or not working. I had hundreds of baby birds to tend as well as my lady ducks who laid eggs like absolute maniacs. The name of the game was to “simply” PERSEVERE, I really had no choice but to push through and make it to the end of the season. I’m relieved and blessed to say, now that I am on the other side and it is 2017, indeed I did make it!

So as the ducks and I are currently on our winter “stay-cation,” it is time for some reflection. This year marks my 9th farming, and my 6th year as a fulltime farmer. Honestly I don’t make much as far as an income but I do have an extremely priceless quality of life as my paycheck. My life is full of incredible friends and family, beautiful and happy animals, outstandingly delicious food, and the gorgeous natural world all around me in the rural countryside. Pretty much heaven.

What was it about last year that was not working well? Well, I have come to the conclusion that one element of my farm that is not working is raising a lot of animals for meat. I started LTD Farm as a vegan looking to make a difference in regards to animal welfare on a farm level. I’d raise animals, have the customers come help me with harvesting and see the full circle. This would build empathy and connected-ness. I have some amazing customers who get it (thank you thank you!!) but I truly want everyone to care about where their meat comes from; how the animals who provide that meat live and die. I don’t feel that I have made much a difference in that regard and that’s not a great feeling. I want to quit banging my head against that wall, so I will not be soliciting Meat CSA signups for 2017. If you are interested in Bubsters or a Thanksgiving Turkey, please email me. I will be raising a small number of them for fall harvest.

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  1. Christine Mueller

    I am so happy duck eggs are back in the coops! Although my freezer preservation methods worked for the most part, it is wonderful to have fresh eggs again. Thank you bushels for the hard work you do, so that those of us who have hen egg sensitivities can have an egg option. Hope this year holds more balance for you. If you are raising a few bubsters and turkeys this year, I am interested.

  2. FarmerKhaiti

    Thanks Christine, I'll put you on the list and let you know soon, I appreciate your support so MUCH!!

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