Mother’s Day and Lola


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We have a special DUCK EGG promotion going on right now at both the Wedge and Seward Co-op for Mother’s Day. Treat yourself and your Mom to a most delicious treat!

About Lola- I’m so entranced with cows, especially Scottish Highlands. They are gorgeous, they are hardy, and they create the most delicious meat from GRASS. We just brought home our first heifer, which means she is a young female who has not had a calf yet, versus the term “cow.” I wrote a story about the day we brought Lola home, one week ago, you can read it here.

Lola is doing wonderfully and totally settling into the farm. Now when we bring home the steers for our Beef Shares, we’ll have a solid little lady here to show them the ropes of how life works on LTD Farm!


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  1. Nora Scammell

    I am interested in buying duck eggs for a research project involving analysis of the shells. Do you sell to individuals? Thank you!

  2. FarmerKhaiti

    Sure, sending you an email!

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