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(UPDATE at the end of 2015- I no longer raise pork on the farm for sale. Please get in touch with Whetstone Farm for all organically fed pork from pigs raised on pasture!)

It is a beautiful and sunny day here on the farm. Our ducks are happy and laying their wonderful eggs in the hay-filled duck barn. Meanwhile our older pigs are getting to that age where they are ready to be turned into the most delicious pork products ever! We have decided to offer for a limited time our incredible Pork Package, where for just $200 you receive 20 pounds of assorted cuts of the best pork you have ever tasted, such as bacon, chops, ham, and roasts! Not only that but we will deliver right to your door (within the Twin Cities metro area)! This is a great way to sample our pork products and become addicted to the incredible flavor of pastured pork raised on organic grains and a lot of love!


Try the Best Pastured Pork on the Planet! Send in your payment along with this form:

Cross out Pig Share and write in Pig Package and we will email you a confirmation when we receive your payment – then we will be delivering the Pork Packages the last half of the month in April on a Sunday or Monday!


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  1. Chuck Schrantz

    I am interested in buying 4 feeder pigs from you. We live in Osceola WI and have had a difficult time finding reliable people to buy feeder pigs from. I am hoping you can help us. We have raised them before for our family and a few others buy into it with us. We raise them here along with our chickens, hens, and this year a couple of turkeys too! My phone number is 715-755-2018. Please call and let me know as soon as possible if I could get 4 feeder pigs from you and what your cost is. Thank you. Chuck

  2. FarmerKhaiti

    Hi Chuck, we may have piglets to sell this fall/winter, but are just now raising our breeding stock up, so we don't have any babies to sell at this point. Sorry, and we totally know what you are talking about, good piglets are hard to find! That's exactly why we are getting into breeding our own.

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