DUCK EGGS are back in season!


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Hooray! The lady ducks of LTD Farm have declared the end of their winter vacation and have begun laying their delectable eggs for 2015. They are out on pasture during the day, currently foraging through last years’ garden space, helping us prep the garden by eating all the leftover plant materials, as well as leaving lovely fertility deposits at the same time. You can barely see them, but there they are!10986658_10152638751462751_4355233579003939913_n 11081499_10152632544142751_2299372496179372246_n

Their happy quacking rings through the valley, and when we come around the bend after taking a walk down the road, it is hilarious to hear all their sassy quacking sounding like rolling laughter! We’ll begin deliveries to a few of the Twin City co-ops tomorrow (Seward, Wedge and Lakewinds Richfield), and then will deliver eggs to the rest of the co-ops the following week. We’re also excited to announce our Duck Eggs will be on the menu at Le Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis very soon!  We thank you for enjoying our duck eggs, and also for supporting our farm and the good work we do here.

Following our Hearts

Last fall we had a group of our ducks reach the end of their 3rd laying season, and we’d planned to cull them as is the usual practice with egg laying poultry. But we just couldn’t do it. While 4 year old ducks aren’t going to be laying many eggs, we feel that our ducks give us such a bounty through their lives, and all they ask is to be well kept; content and happy. So, as of last fall, we’ve officially become a NO-KILL Egg Farm, which is practically unheard of. Most commercial egg producers cull their layers at the end of their first or second year. Even keeping our lady ducks into their 3rd season was pretty crazy, but we have the numbers to prove it makes sense for us, as well as having the emotional burden off our shoulders of culling birds who have given us so much, just because they won’t be laying as many eggs as they get older. Older birds also help teach the younger ones the ropes, and unlike chickens, ducks don’t have a pecking order. They are very sociable and group minded, more like a school of fish or a swarm of bees.

While we do raise animals for meat, there is a differentiation with our ducks. It may not make sense to have this line drawn, but it feels right for us, so we will follow our hearts. We really love our ducks and thank them everyday for all the goodness they bring to this part of the world. Enjoy your duck eggs!


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  1. Matt

    Really enjoyed this blog post. How do you get your duck eggs so clean?!?!

  2. FarmerKhaiti

    Thank you! We use a dedicated scrubby and a rinse of warm water as needed.

  3. BeeHappee

    Very intersting, thank you!

  4. Sarah

    Would you be willing to share your feed recipe? I'm hoping to save our small backyard flock well into adulthood but I'm also sensitive to the cost of feeding a small flock that's not producing as much. Any tips to getting cheaper but still well-balance/organic feed? Thanks, Sarah - Rochester, MN.

  5. FarmerKhaiti

    that's kind of in the "trade secret" category, sorry. To supplement a home flock save all your veggie and composty matter to feed the ducks. You can look into raising meal worms or Black Soldier Fly larvae too, high protein treats! The only issue with having an extremely varied/scavenged diet is that is doesn't work well for the ducks who are laying, they need consistency.

  6. Jessica

    I just tried one of your duck eggs tonight out of curiousity. It was so, so tasty! Now that I know you are a no kill egg farm, it is even better! You have gained a loyal customer, and I will recommend your eggs to everyone I know. Thanks for the ethical way you treat your animals.

  7. FarmerKhaiti

    Thank you so much Jessica!! We sooooo appreciate hearing these awesome words from you. The ducks thank you too!

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