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Just a quick note- if you have a TV, tune in to Channel 2 tonight at 6:30! LTD Farm is going to be on TPT2- Twin Cities Public Television- in an episode of The Perennial Plate’s Victory Garden Edible Feast Series. We are SOOOOOO extremely honored and excited!!! This was filmed in the summer of 2014, which was really nice to see, as it’s heading to -18 tonight. Yikes! At least the sun was out today and the ducks soaked up some rays playing in the snow! (We will post a link when it’s available)  Here’s a little write up about Daniel and Mirra’s latest project, Congratulations and thank you so much you guys! We’d also like to thank all of our amazing, wonderful and supportive friends, family and customers. We could not be here, doing this, without you, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!DSC02271

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