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DSC02018A friend visiting Paris two years ago brought back a MOST delicious gift- Herb Salt. It can be used on almost anything- the additional flavors from the herbs and savory vegetables mixed with the salt were so intense and lovely!  I wanted to make a version of this with the herbs from my garden, so back in October, before the hard frost came, I collected an assortment of herbs from the garden; Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary, and a tiny bit of Lavendar. I also added the chopped leaves from the intensely flavored celeriac root. The herbs were all laid out in a large flat pan, and then covered with a thick layer of sea salt. I covered the pan with a large sheet of paper to keep the dust out, and then put it out of the way for 2 months, during which the herbs infused the salt as they dried.  DSC02021 DSC02022After 2 months, I stirred up the concoction with my hands and was greeted with a most heavenly aroma. In batches, I ground it up in the Food Processor which pulverized the herbs, stems and all, into a gorgeous green herbal salt. DSC02259 DSC02260 DSC02262 DSC02263
What a great gift to give at any time of year, and a wonderful way to preserve the herbs from your garden or at the farmer’s market before winter comes- make a note on your 2015 calendar to do this in the fall! I’ve used this herb salt so far rubbed onto pastured poultry before roasting, on top of fried duck eggs, mashed potatoes, sprinkled atop slices of winter squash and onions before they went into the oven to roast. Basically everywhere you’d use salt. I can imagine making herbal salt with themes, like an Italian version, heavy with basil and garlic, or an Asian-inspired herbal salt with ginger and lemongrass. Endless options, such a fun and rewarding edible project!

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  1. Arletta French

    I can NOT believe that I haven't even used it yet !!! .. but am so excited to try it .. ( we have been eating all the leftovers from our Sunday afternoon party... I think I made too much of everything).. it was fun to read how you made it .

  2. LTD Farmers

    Thank you Arly! Don't worry, it'll keep for years in that jar, salt's a preservative! xoxoxox

  3. Laura - CaledonAcres

    WOW right in time for preserving!! I will be trying this for sure :)

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