my duck eggs at Seward Co-op


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Look for the cutest 6 pack of duck eggs, now on the shelf at the Seward Co-op, straight from my own farm!

the little beauties, set for delivery

the little beauties, set for delivery



Seward is close to my heart, as I worked there for six years. I spent time in the deli, then moved into the grocery dept., then took on the Merchandising Manager position. What a great job I had there. After I moved to the country, I couldn’t feel good about commuting, so I resigned. Little did I know I’d be making some very important choices to start farming, and following my dreams. It is a thrill to walk into Seward’s backroom with a delivery of my eggs, now being a farmer, bringing my products into a very grateful retail outlet. And I love to see my old co-workers so much! What a great group of people, what a great community.

My duck eggs are also featured on the daily-changing menu at the Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul. Lenny Russo makes some KILLER combinations, featuring almost all local ingredients.You can check out his nightly menu here: (duck eggs are often only available on the wine bar menu)

Heartland Restaurant

Mr. Lenny Russo has been very kind, appreciative and welcoming to me with my new farm business. And he has a great sense of humor as well. He loves my eggs, and I love working with such a topnotch establishment. Here’s a sampling of duck egg “concepts” he has introduced to the community through his restaurant, featuring MY own duck eggs!…..hand rolled Duck egg fettucine, Duck egg pot du creme, duck egg baked with house cured heritage pork bacon and fried green tomatoes, duck egg flan, even a rich duck egg salad dressing…I am honored!

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