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We wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be grateful for, as our farm continues on and gets better and better each year. All of our animals lived and grew very well this season, and the lady ducks are still laying eggs even as we’ve neared zero on the thermometer in November. Our lovely customers continue to amaze us in their kindness and support of all we do here, including building our Farmer Barn! The first “Year of Goatmilk Soap” packages will be heading out this week, you can still sign up here if you’d like to help us out and receive a package from LTD Farm every month. We now sleep in a cozy home, thanks to all of you! Going outside in the morning to do chores, all already toasty warm is such a joy!DSC02075 DSC02047

Harvesting time is hard on us though, as we say goodbye to our animals, so that they can feed others. Compassionate, respectful and humane handling are a HUGE part of how we raise our animals, we want to give others the opportunity to “just say no” to factory farmed meat. We are so elated to hear the joyous, delighted feedback from our Pastured Pork and Pastured Chicken Shares, and look forward to hearing how everyone enjoys the juicy and succulent pastured turkeys and geese from our farm. 2015 Shares will be opening soon.DSC01793DSC02038 DSC02036

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  1. Heritage Farm

    Great images - very real and demonstrating what life is really like on the farm! I'm interested in having a look at how your chicken shares and pork shares work out. In Australia the CSA model is starting to get a little bit of movement, but it's really interesting to see what others are doing right across the world. Thanks for the post!

  2. Heritage Farm

    PS I love that table in your top picture. Stunning!

  3. LTD Farmers

    Thank you! Andrew made it! We love having a big farm table finally!

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