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Snappy September has arrived, and with it the first frost last night. We’re not alone in wondering what happened to the summer in the midwest this year, right?

It was a fantastic year for the lady ducks who adored all the wet and cool weather, racing out each morning to find tasty treasures. They laid eggs like crazy and still are! We just love raising our happy ducks with plenty of fresh pasture to relax on and forage through, and are honored to provide our duck eggs to the co-ops in the Twin Cities. The way things are going, we should have a steady supply into winter, thanks to our newest little ladies who are just beginning to lay now. Fingers crossed!

Our “Farmer Barn” is coming along on schedule, with the roof shingling finishing up today. George and Arly (Drew’s folks) have been helping us so much, we are super grateful for their knowledge and skills. Next up will be putting in insulation and the window installation. Many, may heartfelt  thanks to all of you who have signed up for our “Year of Goatmilk Soap,” as this is helping us afford to build this cozy, energy-efficient cabin. We’re at about 25% of our goal, and every little bit helps us out a lot. If you’d like 2 bars of our Fabulous handmade goatmilk soap mailed to YOUR door each month for a whole year, (the subscription begins in December, what a perfect year-long gift idea!) Sign up here:

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We use PayPal to process your order – all orders are directed through their secure servers and we do not have access to any of your private information! Thank you for your order! If you have any questions please email us at farmers (at) LTDFARM (dot) com !

Other ways you can get awesome farm goods and help us out- We have 2 Pastured Pork shares left (delivered in the TC metro area at October’s end), also 3 Pastured Thanksgiving Geese and 4 Pastured Chicken Shares (which will both be ready the weekend before Thanksgiving.) We are all sold out on turkeys this year. Please email us ASAP if you’d like information or to reserve any of these. Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. carol hall

    Hi Kaiti, Would you have some pork I could buy? I would love to see your place, but suspect you are busy. My sister is visiting from NC this week, we are going on a road trip and would love to stop by if you have some pork available. Our schedule is flexible. If it doesn't work out, maybe some other time! love your web site. Carol

  2. LTD Farmers

    HI Carol, hanks for keeping in touch! At this time we do not have pork for sale by the pound, it's all pre-sold by the half. Next year we will be planning to get licensed to do so though!

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