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Here we are suddenly, in the depth of summer! It really goes by increasingly more quickly every year, especially when we have a blink-of-the-eye spring like we’re getting used to. While many folks get to soak up summer by going on vacation, your farmers are focused like a hawk on making the most of the short warm weather growing season. This is our busiest time of the year, when we have to get EVERYTHING done before the snow comes. It’s true, winter is breathing down our necks already!

The grass and plants are lush in the pastures, so it’s THE optimal time to be pasturing animals. As they graze and forage, they capture all that nutritional goodness and flavor, and then provide it to us in their meat, milk or eggs. pastured animals are solar collectors! Our hayfield will be cut and baled, preserving 8 acres of green grass and other plants for the animals to bed and snack on over the long winter. Last winter our pigs ate nearly 20 bales of hay in 2 months, and the ducks used about 200!


Our ducks are SO happy- the wet and cool start to summer is keeping them extremely content and laying lots of eggs. Their eggs taste so fresh and delicious in this mega-green pasture season, and they are SO good for you! We are offering a special price at The Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis this month, so go grab a couple 6 packs and make some duck egg salad or deviled duck eggs! Every 6 pack you buy supports us continuing on here, doing right by our animals and caring for the land. Thank you, thank you!

Exciting news: we will be debuting our Duck Eggs at The Willy Street Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin later this month!P1070843 P1070841 P1100732P1100745

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