Our 2015 Ethically-raised Pastured Meat Shares!


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We are making some big and exciting changes —    

we’re focusing entirely on our animals!

Click Here for the LTD Farm 2015 Meat CSA Order Form!


2014 was our most difficult vegetable growing season, and with climate change making gardening more challenging year after year, we have decided to cease to offer our Vegetable CSA Shares. LTD Farm will continue to specialize in ethically raised pastured proteins – our pastured duck eggs will be available at Twin Cities Co-ops, and we will be raising our pastured pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and a few select Highland Beef Cattle for our Meat CSA Shares.

To reserve exactly what you want right now for 2015, sign up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Meat Shares. We offer Pastured Pork Shares,  and limited amounts of Pastured Highland Beef, Pastured Turkey, Pastured Goose and Pastured Chicken Shares. The animals on our farm all live in the outdoors with sun, wind, fresh air on pasture, given NO hormones, antibiotics or chemical medications.

    • By reserving a Meat Share with your deposit, you can be assured that we will be raising what you order in the most ethical and ecological way we know how
    • CSA members can arrange a farm visit to see their animals on the farm, just send us an email!
    • Your deposit helps us financially in the lean winter months and gets you a better price per pound and you’ll fill your freezer with a smorgasbord of ethical, delicious, and nutritious pastured meat.
    • Meat Shares from LTD Farm are the supremely ethical choice as we do not have to transport the animals off the farm for harvest. Our licensed butcher comes to the farm to slaughter pork and beef, an instant and stress-free ending. We hand harvest all of our poultry ourselves, with tenderness and respect.

Thank you checking out our Ethically Raised Pastured Protein Shares. Read below for all the details, and then CLICK HERE for the reservation order form. Please also let us know if you have any questions, and mail your deposits in ASAP so we can reserve your share of our farm’s harvest!

Pastured Pork Share– only 11 of 20 Shares remaining!


We love our pigs! TLC makes a huge difference for these intelligent creatures, and you can taste the difference!

Our pigs are raised in a spacious 2 acre paddock and over the spring and summer will be moving through rotational paddocks with fresh pasture to eat, root through and dig up. Our pastured pigs eat a whole-foods diet based on an all organic grain mix, as well as whatever surpluses (veg /fruit/cheese/milk/eggs) we have on the farm. Our Pork Share is literally half a hog and will include a delicious variety as seen in the photo- bacon, chops, roasts, breakfast sausage, ham, ribs. You have never ever had pork this good, it barely needs salt and pepper!  Our pastured pork simply is NOT the other “white meat”- our happy and active pigs make for pork that is just absolutely delicious, juicy and uber-flavorful, and rosey pink! Our butcher uses real wood smoke for the ham and bacon smoking, and minimal amounts of nitrates in the curing process, or you can select the natural cure option which uses concentrated celery and cherry juice. $200 deposit up front, with the balance due at delivery, based on the actual hanging weight @$8/lb (approximately 100lbs). This includes all butcher fees and home delivery in the Twin City Metro area. Shares will be delivered in late August. “Hanging weight” is the weight after being skinned, gutted and head removed. The butcher will trim off some of this weight as he prepares your cuts, he packages the soup bones and fat for rendering for your culinary pleasure. Deposits are not refundable. You CAN split a share with a friend, but we will ask for one delivery address.


NEW! Pastured Highland Beef Share- Now SOLD OUT  let us know if you’re interested in case we have a share come available. We plan to be ongoingly raising this breed of cattle on our farm moving forward!

We are very excited to announce that we will be raising a few Highland steers on pasture on our farm through the spring, summer and fall. They will be exclusively grass-fed, with no hormones, implants, chemical medicines or antibiotics. Highland cattle have a lean and extremely flavorful beef (some say similar to venison,) simply not your average bland & greasy beef.  We fell in love with Highland cattle and their ridiculously delicious beef at our friend Angelica’s farm. Highlands are uniquely beautiful, hardy, and robust cattle.

Highland Cattle at our friends Angelica's Garden!

Highland Cattle at our friends Angelica’s Garden!

A Share will consist of a 1/4 steer, approximately 100-150 lbs of grassfed Highland beef -a bountiful assortment of ground beef, roasts, steaks, soup bones. Delivery of your Beef Share will be at the end of October. $200 deposit, with the balance due on delivery, based on actual hanging weight of the 1/4 steer @ $7/lb.  This includes all butcher fees and home delivery in the Twin City Metro area. Deposits are not refundable. You CAN split a share with a friend, but we will ask for one delivery address.


Pastured Poultry SHARES

Our CSA Poultry Shares are very limited and ONLY available on the farm, which means we’ll need you to come pick them up. We will be harvesting these birds by hand ourselves and then you come get your beautiful, super-fresh birds. Holiday birds are always harvested the weekend before Thanksgiving, so mark it on your calendar now- “drive out to LTD Farm.” We’ll give you a quick tour and then send you home with the best pastured poultry on the planet!

If you are interested in learning about the poultry harvesting process, whether with your birds, or just to learn how to harvest poultry ethically, there is a $25 class fee per person. Just send us a note or an email and we will arrange that with you.

Pastured Thanksgiving Turkey Share

Don’t delay- reserve your 2015 turkey NOW! Only 20 of 30 Shares available.P1050727We raise our broad breasted turkeys on all organic feed and large rotational pastures for 6 whole months for a fuller, real turkey favor (just 16 weeks is the industry standard.) Ours are never are given any chemicals or hormones or vaccines. Turkeys are the comedians of the farm with their goofy antics running around the pasture. Reserve your turkey from our farm and you can be assured of a crazy delicious and ethical Thanksgiving feast! Our turkeys average 15 lbs each, $30 deposit required, with balance due based on dressed weight @$4.50/lb. On-farm pick up is required the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov 21st and 22nd) -please mark this on your calendar when you reserve your bird. Deposits are not refundable.

Pastured Holiday Goose Share – Only 18 of 20 shares availableP1080710

We love our geese, they are one of the most sociable birds on our farm. They are raised on pasture, fed all organic grains, and given no chemical medicines or antibiotics. A goose is approximately 8-12 lbs, the meat has a flavor more like grassfed beef than any other poultry, and they have lots of rich and healthy fat.  Geese are amazing grazers, and quite a large percentage of their diet is grass and plants, so the meat and fat they provide is extremely healthy for you. After you roast your goose, simply ladle the fat into jars and store in the freezer until ready to use. Each goose gives up to a quart of gorgeous golden fat!  $30 deposit required, with balance due based on dressed weight @$8/lb. On-farm pick up is required the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov 21st and 22nd) -please mark this on your calendar when you reserve your bird. Deposits are not refundable.

Pastured Chickens Share- Only 10 of 20 Shares remaining


The beautiful Cornish Cross chickens we raise are active and healthy birds. Their meat is extremely flavorful, tender and juicy, as our “Bubsters” are introduced to greens and grass from day 1, so that they love foraging through the pasture and grazing as they grow. This adds to the healthfulness of their meat and enriches the quality of their life. Our broilers are truly outside on pasture, not in cages on grass, after they leave the brooder at about 2 weeks old. Our Chicken Share consists of 5 freshly harvested broilers, each approximately 6 lbs. Fill your freezer with goodness! $100 deposit required, with the balance due based on total dressed weights @$5/lb On-farm pick up is required Sept 26th/27th, so please mark this on your calendar when you reserve your Chicken Share. However, if you order a turkey or goose, let us know if you want to pick up your Chicken Share (frozen) at the same time. Deposits are not refundable.

Pastured Veal Share -approximately 50lbs- PENDING-


Ethical PASTURED veal? YES! Please let us know if you’d like to be informed in the spring about availability of this Share. “Commodity Beef” has an odd hold on calf prices as of the winter of 2014, so we are not sure yet if we will be able to offer pastured veal in 2015.

Our calves are born on a local dairy farm, and these male dairy calves are usually raised in horrible confinement veal operations where they are not allowed to see sunlight, move or even comfortably lay down, play with their buddies, or eat any fibrous material. We raise our babies up in full sun on pasture for 12 weeks, getting love and warm bottles everyday, and a little organic grain as well. Their milk formula is not organic. We raise our pastured veal calves with lots of love and the least amount of stress possible- we do not castrate or burn out their horns, no vaccinations or any chemicals are given to them at all. Our Pastured Veal is tender and super flavorful, with a beautiful rosey color. The taste is a delicious combo of beefy pork. (REALLY AWESOME!) Our Pastured Veal Share is literally half of a veal, and will include a variety as seen in the photo- steaks/chops, roasts, osso bucco, ribs, stock bones and ground veal. Shares would be delivered in mid-summer.DSC01827


  • I was considering your CSA for this year, but I’m concerned that you’ve decided to use a watermarked and therefore likely stolen stock image on your website. This is very poor business practice.

  • Hi Ben! Thanks for the comment – good point! We’ve changed that image to one of our friends Highland Cattle! If you have any questions let us know, we’ll be glad to answer them.

  • Krystian Weglarz

    Hey Ben I just saw your comment and even though this is my second time to this website and I don’t even know these farmers I have to level with you.
    I have to say that how about instead of making a meat purchase decision based on an website image you focus on the amazing work these people are doing? Dude, chill a bit and appreciate the fact that these guys are working their tails off to better the earth, its animals, and in the end you and your family. They are not super human. Raise ethically cared for animals, run a farm, fight against the messed up world we live in, do it all on bare bones minimum budget and here you are throwing a pissy fit about a picture? How about instead you buy some meat, support some hard working and caring people and send them a personal email bringing attention to the image and not put them all on blast and bring extra stress into their already busy lives?

  • Thank you. I really appreciate that. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I guess the email notification got sent into my junk folder or something. I just received an email from one of your fans asking me to delete my comment, but I think showing that you’re good people who are willing to do the right thing is a much better option.

  • I’m curious about how much offal is included in the pork and beef shares. Most programs tend to only throw in some liver and soup bones, but I’m interested in more organ meats, and bones.

  • Hi Michelle – We can include the liver, heart, and even the head if you would like. Any extra bones and fat trimmings can also be included – we don’t want to waste anything from these incredible creatures! Is there anything else you were looking for? Thanks for the question!

  • Thank you Krystian so very much!

  • Krystian and Khaiti:

    I don’t want to turn this into a debate. As with their farming practices, LTD Farms has done the right thing and replaced the photo with one they have permission to use. If you have any questions about the situation, I suggest you look up copyright and think about whether it is better to buy things or steal them.

  • Thank you for the update! Now to find friends with big freezers. 🙂

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