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P1100666Goslings #9 and #10 joined the farm this morning! While the goose breeding project has not gone as well as we’d hoped, we are so happy to welcome these precious babies to the farm! Here’s a video of their adorably chatty siblings out in their garden playpen:

More of our favorite babies- Napa cabbage for fall harvest!P1100676

Tomatoes and basil in the hoophouse, growing gangbusters! These huge tomato plants are saved from a volunteer we found growing in the garden our second year with HUGE, juicy, sweet orange tomatoes. We call her “Goldie Volunteer.”P1100677

Eggplant and basil in front of a row of tomatoes along the edge of the hoophouse. It’s steamy in there! We’re looking at a great eggplant crop coming soon!P1100678

Where the pigs lived over winter in the hoophouse, we now have planted in more tomatoes, as well as winter squash, tomatillos, eggplant and peppers. Soon to be an absolute jungle. Hoophouses are proving to be a necessity for growing bountiful annual vegetables in this unpredictable and short season climate, something we will be focusing on more and more in the future.P1100683

Our earliest spring garden beds- Kale and broccoli, parsley and spinach.P1100686

Bath time! These are our young lady ducks who will begin laying eggs this fall.P1100687

Tomato row in the garden, interplanted with basil and canteloupes, and brussel sprouts in the front. Trellising is going up shortly, but in this fickle climate, tomatoes grow much better in the hoophouse. We just had extra plants that had to find a place to go!P1100690

Kale interplanted with cukes, buttercrunch lettuce and early cabbages.P1100695 P1100696

Zucchini row, need to mulch the paths obviously!P1100671

The fall planties- napa cabbage, fennel bulbs, broccoli, cauliflower, collards.P1100702

The first zucchinis -will they plump up enough for the next CSA deliveries?P1100703P1100704

Green bean rows, with the gosling playpen. You can see where it was, we mulch behind, to capture all the fertility the goslings leave behind, adding as much organic matter to the garden as possible for next year.


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  1. susan roverud

    I heard you on WCCO this morning as I was coming home to Owatonna MN from my cabin in Pequot Lakes MN. I am very interested in your duck eggs, but don't know where in the cities the co-ops are. Please tell me where I can find them-the co-ops. I go up I 35 & around MPLS on 494 up to I94West.

  2. LTD Farmers

    Hi Susan- thanks for getting in touch!! For a complete list of the Twin Cities co-op locations, take a look at this: One that might be easy for you is Lakewinds Co-op, they have three locations that are close to where you are describing- including their new Richfield store which is right off of 35W North/62 East (which is just north of 494) at the Lyndale exit.

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