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We have been talking about getting some cows for a while now – as our experience with raising all sorts of animals grows we feel more confident  in caretaking these larger and magnificent beasts. Last year we traded with our friend Angelica at Angelica’s Garden for some amazing beef, and after some Grassfed Highland Crockpot Meatloaf was made and consumed, we were hooked on the concept of raising some cows. In any case, we’ve finally decided that now is the time to get some experience on our farm with the super fantastic amazing cow.


There are a few reasons we want cows on our farm. One is that, because of their four-chambered stomachs, they can utilize some food resources way better then our other animals can, namely grass and other leafy fodder. Another is that overall they have calm and sturdy temperament –  more docile then pigs and tougher then any of our birds. A very important reason to bring cows onto our property is that they will provide wonderfully rich manure that provides food to earthworms and other beneficial organisms.

But of course the main reason we want cows is that they are fun to be around and in the end they are delicious!


So on that note, we went ahead and bought three bull calves from our friends Heidi and John at A Wise Choice Dairy, . They live up the road from us and are developing a mix of breeds to be their grassfed milkers, and they are doing some great work!

We bought three calves, just a few days old each, and brought them home in the Subaru –  it was certainly a very fragrant drive! We named them Osso, Bucco, and Cutlet.


Now we’ve had them for a few days and we are getting used to bottle feeding them and keeping them safe and warm. They already seem very hardy and they have good attitudes as far as we can tell. Having never raised cattle before, we have many lessons to learn in the coming months.



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