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Look at that beautiful fresh pastured pork –  this is what half a hog from our small farm looks like after processing and packaging.  What an amazing spread of deliciousness: smoked bacon, pork chops, a loin roast, smoked ham roasts, shoulder roasts, baby back ribs, ham hock and breakfast sausage. YUMMM!

We work closely with our local butcher, Mike from Northwoods Locker. He, his family, and his great team do an amazing job! Our Duroc-cross pastured pigs are raised with all the love and care that we can give them, and given the best life outdoors, able to root in the dirt, scratch on the tree trunks, gallop around in the sun, and snooze in their shelter. We feed our pigs all organic feed; grains, a variety of fruits and veggies from our gardens, as well as the all natural salad bar of their pastures.

Here’s how you can reserve this rare and amazing pork for yourself right now: Print our our 2014_Order Form and mail us a deposit. We raise our pigs all spring, summer, and fall then they are harvested here on our farm in the late fall. We will notify you that they are ready and let you know the hanging weight of your 1/2 pig (The hanging weight is the carcass of the pig, minus the  skin, head and offal, and this is what we base your balance due upon). We pay the processing fees to the butcher, and you pay us $8/lb, minus your deposit. Then we deliver your pastured pork to your door (within the twin cities metro)!

That is all there is to it – Sign up today before all the pigs are spoken for!

More info here: Pastured Pigs


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  1. LouAnn Loomis

    Hi Khaiti and Andrew I have it on good authority your pork is delicious! Wondering if it is possible to buy 1/4 of a pig. It's just me and hubs now. No longer feeding lots of people. LouAnn

  2. LTD Farmers

    We do have a customer looking to split a half, so we'll check with them. But if you find someone to split with you, let us know.

  3. Vigilius

    My buddy Kent Bergstrom posted a link to your blog, just started reading it. Although I've seen your page on FB before. Anyway, it occurs to me from what I've read that you should consider dowsing your land, see where the ley lines/water is. Just a thought. Many people are very incredulous about dowsing, but it's just something we've done since we were kids in N WI. Christopher Bird has a good book on it called The Divining Hand, and I think Kent has more than passing familiarity with how to do it. About 80% of people can dowse for water naturally, right off the bat, but it can be taught as well. Anyway, keep doing what you do, thanks!

  4. Laura - CaledonAcres

    my! my! you are full of surprises!! :) I am still "surfing" the blog and got to the link to this website!! sorry to be stalking you, but I'm adding this one to my pocket of knowledge ;) I'm itching for more animals for our farm (i know Spring passed long time ago) and your websites don't help :P <<>>

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