Our Review of “Duck, Duck, Goose”, By Hank Shaw (Part 1)


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At Living the Dream Farm we have a passion for raising happy ducks and geese on pasture. Waterfowl is close to our hearts for many reasons- they are a joy to raise, their eggs are amazing, the meat is delicious, and both ducks and geese are dynamic ecological partners for us on our farm. Hank Shaw’s new cookbook “Duck, Duck Goose” is right up our alley. This book truly is a beautiful piece of information and inspiration, thoroughly educational, and helps demystify some of tricks and techniques behind preparing waterfowl in the kitchen.


Hank Shaw first came into our lives a number of years ago from an online search for “how to harvest waterfowl,” which led us to his award winning blog “Hunter Angler Gardener Cook” at www.honest-food.net.  Shaw’s beautiful website features recipes for and preparation of what many would consider to be exotic ingredients, the wild products from hunts and forages.

Shaw’s new book is focused on the joys of duck and goose cookery. “Duck, Duck, Goose” includes information about both wild and  domestically raised waterfowl, with an abundance of recipes for both. Since there aren’t many recipes for goose out there, we were elated to dig in and see what techniques we could glean.

Right away we noticed this is a very beautiful book, a lovely minimalistic hardcover with mouth-watering photos and a very clear layout. The glossy paper will help the cookbook last a little longer in the kitchen, working with these fatty birds.

Overall, the book is a detailed in-depth treatise on the the joys of cooking and eating waterfowl. Reading it, you can’t help but want to try out each and every recipe. As he purports in the book, waterfowl are the new pork! Delicious, fatty, versatile, and endlessly varied, cooking waterfowl can offer a lifetime of enjoyment. The joys of hunting are clearly illustrated in the book, and we would love to add that there is nothing more rewarding then raising these beautiful birds as well.

The book starts with an overview of  the different types of duck and goose, and proceeds to explain how to pluck and gut them. This is the kind of cookbook we like! Everybody plucks and guts there birds a little differently, but his methods seem tried and true.


The book goes onto explain a few different methods of how to cook whole birds. Every recipe induces mouthwatering hunger, so make sure you are well fed. We found so many interesting and unique ideas that we are extremely excited to try – especially Smoked and BBQed duck.

Then we move into the biggest section of the book which is about the preparation of the various pieces of the bird; breasts, legs, wings, preparing sausages, and using duck eggs. At the end we find a section on stock preparation. We have our own method for preparing stock, using a slow cooker and vinegar, which has been tried and true for us, so we only glanced at these pages.

Overall this is fantastic book, one which every hunter, farmer, or cook of waterfowl should have on their shelf.

In Part 2 of this review we will document some of our own experiences with these recipes – Stay tuned!


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