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At the end of the 2013 CSA season, we asked our members to participate in an online feedback survey. They gave us really honest responses about their experience with our LTD Farm CSA Program. You can review some of their feedback below. We’re SO honored to grow great food for such great people and treasure the connections we have with all of our members. Join us for 2014!

oh yummmmmmmmmmm!

oh yummmmmmmmmmm!


“LTD is the real deal! They are serious about sustainability and provide fabulous food to their CSA members. An added bonus is that they are super smart and kind folks.”

‘I LOVE having Khaiti and Andrew as MY personal farmers, and knowing where my food comes from and how humanely and organically everything is raised. I love having Happy Food!’

“The wide range of products and high quality of food inspired me to cook and eat a healthy diet all summer.’

‘Each box from LTD Farms was a present. Quality produce, delicious eggs. I prefer using duck eggs to chicken eggs in baking. The goat milk soap is great for the skin and the flowers are a nice treat.’

“Even though I read the email about what’s going to be in the box it still feels like a wonderful surprise to open it and hold the beautiful produce and farm products in my hand.”

‘Our highest recommendation for fresh, tasty vegetables with lots of variety and friendly service.”

“We are thrilled with our CSA share from LTD Farm! The quality of the produce and excellent service by Andrew and Khaiti made it a truly first class experience!’

“An LTD CSA box will change the way you eat – for the better!”


Around 50% of our members filled out the survey, and this is what we learned:

  • 19 out of 23 were “very pleased” overall, the other 4 said they were “pretty happy”
  • 18 out of 23 said the variety in our CSA boxes was “just right”, the other 5 would like more variety.
  • “anything in particular you loved or hated” brought strong responses, with the same products being in both columns! – spring nettles, cilantro, tomatillos, lots of apples, the abundant amounts of lettuce. Our Tasty Carrots, sweet beets, wildcrafted ramps and our duck eggs had an especially vocal fan club!
  • 20 out of 22 rated the quality as “very high,” 2 said “pretty high”
  • Quantity of produce in the box – 18 out of 22 said that “the amount was perfect,” 1 reported “too much,” and 3 would like more. A couple of interesting comments- “great value, but hard to use it all up,”  “3 adults could easily eat the whole box in a week,” and “it’s a lot at once but I process and store.”
  • The majority of members said actual recipes and information on how to store/preserve would be the most helpful information for us to provide them with.
  • We asked how we could improve our service to our members: “we love your service and wouldn’t change a thing,” “I love the idea of a CSA but for a single person it is too much all at once,” “we’d like to be able to purchase meat products from you not on the farm,” “we look forward to 2014, don’t change a thing about your service!” “sometimes the bouquet is a bit wilted, not sure if you can do anything about that,”   ” you guys are the professional farmer epicureans!” “I trust you and am happy to learn about growing and eating with you,” “sometimes the basil was blackened by being refrigerated at River Market.”
  • We’re so proud that 22 out of 22 said that they would recommend our CSA to their family and friends!
  • We asked our members what they thought about a Whole Farm CSA share that included some of the meat that we raise. 16 out of 20 said they’re interested. This is a model we are very interested in pursuing in the next couple years, meanwhile, we do sell our pastured meats as separate but very complimentary CSA offerings for 2014.
  • We asked about a CSK (Community Supported Kitchen) meal subscription service, where we’d create ready-to-eat meals in a commercial kitchen, from the products of our farm, as an alternate way for people to support local food and eat healthfully. Many said they like to cook themselves, and due to the complicated logistics/time required, we’ll be shelving this idea for now. But it’s an exciting idea.

Sometimes asking for feedback opens you up to criticism that you might not be ready for. Hearing that our CSA boxes had too much produce for some, or the apple quality was mixed, or there were too many tomatillos, or we should skip the bouquet, or there was too much sage…all these things are honest reports, and we really appreciate knowing what it was like for our customers. For some, joining a CSA isn’t a good fit for their lifestyle, for instance if you don’t really eat salads, then you might not be able to enjoy the bountiful lettuce harvest from our farm. The survey emphasizes that we need to focus more time on helping facilitate the use of the products we grow and put into our CSA boxes. We’ll be focusing more time and energy on providing easy, tasty and inspiring recipes, as well as sharing techniques to preserve produce as long as possible. This will help prevent food waste, and help our members savor their food and get the most bang for their buck!



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