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It is a gloomy and wet day here on the farm but we are happy and satisfied with our work. We just finished harvesting our first turkeys and geese for the holidays, and they are looking fabulous. We had some equipment hiccups, but all in all the weather was nice, we had some excellent helping hands, and our birds look beautiful. Regardless of the trials and tribulations life throws at you, positivity is a strong force that can turn a grey day into a great day.


Our lovely pasture raised geese are dressing out at about 10 pounds each with an amazing layer of goose fat. We are very excited about trying one for ourselves. Sometimes we are so busy we don’t even get a chance to try our own products – but we will make time to roast up a delicious goose for pre-Thanksgiving dinner for sure. We love raising these great and majestic birds.

Well folks, now is the time to get your order in for either a goose or turkey. When all is said and done, everything we do on our farm comes down to a few days of harvesting or processing every month, and this is one of our big harvesting times. Supporting us is not hard: You get the best food you will ever taste from the happiest animals that ever lived.

We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! We will be posting our tips and tricks for cooking the best Thanksgiving in the coming days – Check back often!


  • Do you have fresh geese available for Christmas? We live in Burnsville, MN. If available, how much are they and how would we get them. Thanks, Jim Hayes

  • Hi Jim- sent you an email. They are $8/lb and we have 2 left. They are frozen though, as we had to complete the harvesting before this crazy cold came!

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