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LTD Farm CSA Shares – 2014

Our drop sites include Seward Co-op, Linden Hills Co-op, MAGNA Health & Fitness in Minneapolis, & River Market Co-op in Stillwater!

The LTD Farm CSA program is unique:

Diversity & QualityOur CSA boxes are full of fresh organic vegetables, rich duck eggs, silky handmade goatmilk soaps, wildflower bouquets, wildcrafted foods, and other fruits of our farm!

Monthly– Our Original Share is a perfect compliment to your monthly cooking plans if you enjoy shopping at the farmers market, love gardening in your backyard plot, or have an active lifestyle.

Can’t get enough LTD goodness? We also offer a Deluxe Share which is Twice a Month, and NEW for 2014 is the Full Share Option- a bushel box every week for 26 weeks!

Sustainability– On our small farm we focus on bio-intensive and permaculture methods for building soil fertility with the helpful assistance of our animals in many mutually beneficial ways. We also preserve patches of  savannah and woodlands in order to secure habitat and food sources for our wild helpers, including the all-important bees that pollinate our gardens and fruit trees, wild birds that snack on pests, and toads and frogs that enjoy slugs and cutworms.

Small-Scale Farming- As a husband and wife farming team  using mostly manual labor on a small-scale farm we offer a limited amount of CSA Shares every year in order to be able to put our full effort into each and every one of P1080607the boxes we produce.  By becoming a member of our CSA you’ll be happy to know that you are supporting the small-scale pasture-based sustainable and organic food revolution.

Half a Year – Our CSA Shares span 6 months of the year, May- October, giving you a seasonal taste of what we produce on our farm from the beginning of the growing season to the end!

Connection– We love to share our always-engaging farming experiences! We post regular updates on our website, Facebook & Twitter.

Pastured Meats– We specialize in raising delicious and nutritious pastured meats, which come from our lovingly raised & humanely harvested animals. See our CSA Meat Offerings.

Convenient Drop Sites– As a member, you will be able to choose from 4 locations to pick up your 2014 CSA shares: the Seward Co-op Grocery in Minneapolis, Linden Hills Co-op near Edina, MAGNA Health & Fitness in Minneapolis, or River Market in Stillwater, MN.

VIP Harvest Party– As a member of our CSA, you’ll be invited to come on out to our special CSA Member Appreciation Day in the fall, with food, fun and farm tours!

Email us to sign up-  farmers (at) ltdfarm.com

We prefer full payment to purchase your CSA Membership,  but you can hold a CSA Membership by sending us a 50% deposit, with the balance due by March 1st, 2014.



Our CSA Share is a Bushel box full of fresh seasonal vegetables, 2 dozen duck eggs, 2 bars of handmade goatmilk soaps, a wildflower bouquet, wildcrafted foods, and other fruits of our farm!

  • The Original Share is $350. Once a month delivery, for six months! May-October
  • The Deluxe Share is $650. Twice a month delivery, for six months! May-October
  • The Full Share is $1250. Once a week delivery, for twenty six weeks! May-October

-Meat CSA Shares require a deposit to reserve, with the balance due based on actual weight. Poultry requires On-Farm Pickup, Pork will be delivered in the Metro Area.-

  • The Pastured Chicken Share – Receive 5 pastured jumbo broiler chickens 100% organically fed, $4.50/lb with a $100 deposit required and balance due on pickup day in October based on dressed weight.  Average weight 6-8 pounds each
  • The Thanksgiving Turkey Share – Join the loyal group who returns to LTD every fall for their AMAZING Thanksgiving turkey! They average 15 pounds each, but we will have some that are 10 pounds and some that are 20 pounds. We charge $3.50/lb, with a $20 deposit to hold your bird. We process our own turkeys, and on farm pick-up is required the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  • The Free-Range Goose Share – 100% organically fed free-range goose! They average around 10 pounds and are $8/lb. Your deposit of $40 will reserve your goose, and on farm pick-up is required in Late Fall (we intend to harvest our Geese at the end of October and/or Thanksgiving time)P1080331
  • The Pastured Pig Share – We also love raising our happy pigs! You will never taste better pastured pork in your life! We only raise a small number of pigs, and they live outdoors on pasture, rooting in the soil, with fresh water, organic grains and all kinds of other special morsels. Our pigs are great farm workers- they clear areas of weeds and brush that we turn into gardens or plantings later on. These pigs get the best life- lots of playtime, love and scratches. When you reserve your Pig Share, you are purchasing ½ of a pig, which will become about 80-100 pounds of amazing pork. Our butcher processes them into a variety of Chops, Ribs, Roasts, Bacon, and Ham. Our pigs are $8/lb, and your deposit of $200 will reserve your ½ pig for harvest in Nov/December. The remaining balance will be due after harvest, and based on the actual hanging weight. We will deliver to you in the Metro Area. Any questions, please let us know. P1000353


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