Permaculture Consultation Time!


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You want to kick start your backyard and grow fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and meat! You want your landscape to be a beautiful, abundant, and resilient sanctuary!

We can help with that – From October 10 to November 10 we are offering a discounted Permaculture Consultation rate of $45 for a one hour on-site in depth consultation. Andrew is a certified permaculture designer who has been designing landscapes since 2007. A Permaculture Consultation will help you bring together all those great ideas you have into one plan of action. If you read our blog, you know what we do and how we do it- we can help you bring your vision of your landscape to life! Now is the best time to start Living the Dream!



Urban to Suburban to Rural, offer limited to the Metro area.
Email us now  at to schedule a Consultation!

For more information check out this page: Permaculture Design & Consultation


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