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The days have been sweaty hot then teeth chattering cold, super wet and then very dry, seemingly endless and then over in a blink. So many things to do, so little time. We are still camping out with the birds in the field and still relatively stressed out, but we’ve caught up on our sleep a little so we are not completely crazy anymore, just a little bonkers.

The one bad thing that has happened in the last few days is that our new old tractor broke an axle while plowing up an extension to the CSA Garden. Oh the joys of machinery. We did manage to take apart the axle housing with the help of Andrew’s father and now a new axle has been ordered. Hopefully we can fix this problem and get back to plowing and getting ready for our fall season!


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Our three lovely little piggy plowers are doing great, so healthy and happy, probably around 100 pounds each now. Tulip, Chopper, and Lecker are doing a really good job in their first paddock eating up all the plants and digging up all the roots and shoots and rocks. The plan is that we will move them down to another paddock probably within about a month and then work on our first mini-pond in the area they cleared. This mini-pond will be used to store water in heavy rainfalls and then irrigate the CSA market garden.  It has the advantage of being at a slightly higher elevation then the garden itself.  We’ve learned that it does pay to work on a small example of a project we want to do on a larger scale in the future. This will give us some understanding of the process while also helping to keep our garden hydrated.


The gardens are producing delicious produce and we are having wonderful meals made with all the great vegetables grown organically in our rich soils.  There is no better breakfast then creamy grits with feta topped with our own duck eggs and a cilantro salsa fresh from the garden!

We had a wonderful CSA Members Dinner with our amazing CSA members a couple of weeks ago. One of our members has a great blog called The Healing Plate and she documented the experience so beautifully. We would like to share the link: http://thehealingplate.blogspot.com/2013/09/2013-ltd-farm-csa-member-dinner.html


We hope you are having as rich and bountiful season as we are. One thing about actually pursuing your dreams: There is never a dull moment! And if there is a moment when it seems like you may be able to take a nap without anybody noticing it, go for it! Sleep is the best medicine. Here’s a picture our three Fantastic Farm Guardians for you dog lovers out there.


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  1. diane robinson

    My family and I would like to visit on September 29. Where are you? Thank you for your reply. Diane Robinson I am still loving your duck eggs...

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