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P1080037Since the last post we hit a 100 degrees heat index during a long dry spell, and then a couple days after the Super Moon, we had 3/4″ rain and 45 degrees over night. It’s crazy! The skies have been very dramatic as dark cloudy storms race above us. Our gardens are loving the soaking rain and coolness, the explosion continues.P1080157P1080154P1080134P1080168P1080172P1080135P1080159P1080171P1080133P1080032P1080034

The turkeys needed more protection than we’d planned, as it’s generally never this cold in July.  We “bundled” them up with protection from drafts and rain and our plan worked. They are growing by leaps and bounds, literally bounding over to see us when we go up to the hayfield to check in on them. Adorable. P1080085

The sweet goslings and feisty heritage chicken cockerels have joined the Poultry Hayfield Kingdom too, and we’re still camping up there to keep on ear to the ground overnight, when predators are roaming about.P1080039P1080051P1080062P1080097The major accomplishment we had this week was tearing down the surprisingly overbuilt old shed. It was rustic and cute, but a predator hideout and right in the way of our plans. We used the tractor to knock it down after struggling to remove thousands of nails by hand and sledgehammer the metal walls off the old planks. There were bee stings and swollen achey wrists, and then the tractor came to the rescue. We still had to remove those nails, but it went so much better after we felt we’d gotten so far on the project so quickly! What a difference to have this space opened up! Soon we’ll begin using the space to improve the farm’s flow and enlarging our duck barn this fall. The old shed, back 3 years ago when the goats lived in it!P1020128P1080123P1080130

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  1. Michele Sullivan

    Hi - I'm interested in obtaining a share in 2014. Can I be put on a list now? Your boxes of stuff are so pretty!

  2. LTD Farmers

    Hi Michele, thank you! We'll put you on the list and let you know ASAP when we get our information together for next season!

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