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The last week or so was super hot. All the plants loved soaking up the rays. We spent most of our energy taking care of our animals and making sure they had water and shade. Unlike us humans, they can’t shed layers, they are permanently clothed in their suit of choice, so we have to keep an eye on them. It takes a little experience to see when they are comfortable or not.


We got our Turkey-mobile up and out in the field! It is basically a big framework of 2x6s for the turkeys to perch on, with some shade. It rests on an old manure spreader trailer frame, which is what we had available. We also have a 250 gallon tank of water out there now, and the organic feed in some secure buckets so we don’t have to haul everything out there every day, and it is working pretty good! Some of the turkeys were small enough to get through the electronet fence at first, but they quickly learned to stay in their area with the fence charger on – We are also sleeping in a tent out in the field with them for added protection, and a plus is that it is cooler in the tent then it is in our house! Plus we get to see more stars…We love raising turkeys, we think they are  lovely intelligent birds that make us laugh every time we are around them.


We’re getting ready to tear down a shed in order to add an addition onto the duck barn, for a few more ducks we will be getting in the fall. Now we have a better sense of the workload that will be needed  build such a thing, so we are not rushing, just taking our time and getting everything done as time and weather allows. P1070915

The gardens are exploding with weeds and produce! We have two gardens that are around double in size this year, and it was no problem to fill them right up. In fact, we need more space already! We are already starting seeds for our fall crops.


We’re also working on taking down prickly ash and blackberry brush to give our ducks more pasture space. Our big plans for the duck paddocks include permanent fencing and ponds. We want to give them everything they need for a happy life, and in return they give us so much goodness as well.


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  1. Carol Hall

    Hi Kaiti, I enjoy reading about your farm! I noticed the cherries in your photo....are they nanking's? I made nanking cherry jam this year for the first time.....yummie. what do you do with them? Enjoy livin the dream! Carol [River Market chicken egg lady.

  2. LTD Farmers

    They are nankings! We eat them out of hand and we share them with our CSA members and make a cherry syrup, since they are little and the pits are hard to remove. Great to hear from you!

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