Happy Pigs & the Silent Auction


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P1070233Awww Summer is here! Finally!!! The garden is growing very well and the bounty coming out of it is starting to get seriously huge. It feels great to pack our CSA boxes with copious amounts of spring greens, herbs, baby lettuce, radishes, wild greens braising mix, kale, chard….even if it’s all a month behind schedule, it’s looking good and tasting even better. We’re looking forward to the next flushes of summer goodness – the sugar snap peas, sweet peppers, zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplants, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, jalapenos, carrots, beets, garlic scapes, garlic bulbs, apples (it’s been a great year for our apple trees! lots of baby fruits are plumping on all our trees-fingers crossed for a successfully maturity period.)

P1070235We have have exciting news- we’ve added three pigs to the farm this year- They are a lovely trio who are part Duroc, a breed reknowed for deep red pork with exceptional flavor and texture. Chopper, Tulip and Lecker are living the dream, like all pigs should! Here’s a little video from when we just brought them home:

They love the grasses and shrubs in their expansive pasture, love to dig into the earth and eat grubs and roots. We also feed them an 100% organic grain ration, as well as cull vegetables from the garden and DUCK EGGS, which they love the best. They have the shade of our 1 acre spruce forest when the sun finally starts to shine.

We believe this is the best organic pastured pork you will ever taste. The silent auction we’re holding for this amazing pork closes on 7/15/13. Bid by emailing us, you can submit a bid for a half or whole. A half will be between 80-100 lbs – including bacon, chops, roasts, ham, lard, YUM! Check out the “better pork” prices in the store, and know this pork will be even better because of their diverse and all organic diet, the space, freedom, exercise and TLC they’ll be getting. If we accept your bid you will put down 50% of your bid and the remaining 50% will be due when you receive your pork in December/January.P1070241



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