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We’re running a special on our Duck Eggs at the following Co-ops:

Mississippi Market’s 2 stores, Eastside Co-op in NE Mpls, River Market in Stillwater and Linden Hills Co-op in Edina!

Duck eggs are amazing, they are our most favorite food in the world! Duck Eggs are a Super Food with more protein, more minerals and vitamins, and higher levels of Mono-Unsaturated (the good kind!) fats than chicken eggs. Duck eggs also have a lower water content than a chicken egg, so each duck egg is more nourishing and filling. They taste rich and delicious, and have an unbelievable luscious texture, and this is where we feel the duck egg really stands out. Because they have extra protein, a gentle cooking is suggested to prevent the protein from seizing up- medium heat and for not too long.

We’re fueled by Duck Eggs and we love our ducks! Our lady ducks are a Heritage breed called the Khaki Campbell. All of our ducks go outside to their paddocks each and every day of the year, in the sun, rain or snow. During the 3 green seasons, our ducks are rotated through a series of paddocks so that they always have fresh grass, weeds and bugs to eat. Happy Ducks lay the best eggs! They eat hay made on our farm year round, as well as a grain/vitamin/mineral mix that has no animal byproducts, preservatives, antibiotics or hormones in it. 

A new favorite combination, for breakfast or dinner- hot hard boiled duck eggs, atop a bowl of steaming brown rice and cool, crispy & spicy kimchi.










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