spring ahead… with babies!


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Aww, spring is the air, even though we’re still looking at many inches of snow on the ground. At our LTD Farm, spring means babies! Right now we have baby ducks, baby rabbits and baby planties going on, with baby goats, baby chickens and baby geese on the way!

our first goose egg, we're about to begin incubating our first group of 20 eggs!

The past couple days have been exciting watching the rabbit mommas building their nests and getting ready for birth, which for rabbits is called “kindling.” We’ve had 2 litters born so far, and 4 more hopefully on the way in the next few days. Watching a rabbit momma build her nest is precious. We give her soft hay and a solid wooden box to make a cozy nursery, which she is really industrious about and the resulting creation is a circlular woven cubby, lined with her own super insulating fur. This coziness is essential for the little ones, since they are born basically naked, just covered with peach fuzz. Within a week they’ll have fur growing in, and in about 4-5 weeks they’ll be weaned from mom & moving out to our rabbit tractors to graze to their heart’s content. We timed the kindlings with the arrival of spring, so the weaned youngsters can fatten up on grass and enjoy springtime outside.

Doesn’t it feel good to know we’re about to enter spring? We are beyond excited for this bountiful and beautiful season ahead, and would like to give thanks to all of our customers who have continued to show their support of our farm through their patronage. Our Deluxe CSA Shares are now officially sold out, but we do have a handful of Original Shares ($350) remaining, so let us know if you’d like to join us for the season! Thank you!



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