february respite


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We have a respite from the intense cold right now, but strangely we are busy with indoor tasks…Preparing our taxes is always extremely fun. Luckily we have great farmstead food snacks to help fuel us through.

February snuck up on us, and it is getting closer and closer to that exciting time when we can start our seedlings. Pictures will abound as seedlings emerge and snow melts, and hustling bustling life returns to the farm. Right now there is some hidden life all around, under the snow, deeply buried in the ground, but the abundant beauty of spring will make our hearts sing again.

For the last few days the snow seems to have fallen lightly every night, and each morning we’re greeted with a different crystal blanket. We re-trudge our paths through the snow to water and feed our animals, and pick up wood for the stove. When we were children we enjoyed the snow so much, what happens to us as we get older and more curmudgeonly, keeping close to the warm heat of the inside? Maybe it’s time for some snow angels…

We are expanding the Permaculture Design and Consulting aspect of our business as of March – please check out our page here with all the information. If you would like to learn more about this please email us. We have a body of knowledge and experience that can help you realize your own dreams, as well as the design experience to help you envision your grand plans. We can help you prioritize your goals and work toward building your dream garden or homestead.

Now it is about time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. A visit to the birch grove will lighten the spirit.

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