Chevre and Nettle Stroganoff


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Chevre and Nettle Stroganoff – For 4 servings, creamy, tangy, nourishing spring food w/ a no-cook sauce method!

Flour, duck eggs, garlic, bacon fat or olive oil, salt, nettles, chevre.

First, gather nettles. (You can also use any other more tame garden greens as well.) Use gloves, and only take the top couple inches of fresh spring growth. Once you have a nice bowl full, use your scissors to cut through the mass of the nettles and make them smaller in length. No need to wash unless they are dirty. Now make your pasta- use 1 1/2 cups of flour, a sprinkle of salt and mix in 2 large duck eggs. Knead a bit until smooth and not sticky, sprinkling on flour as needed, then let dough rest as you prepare the rest. Put a pasta pot on to boil. Heat a medium sized cast iron pan with your oil of choice. Chop garlic (as much as you want, it’ll mellow as it carmelizes) and sautee on medium/low. Take 8oz or so of fresh chevre and smear into a big mixing bowl. Roll out your pasta, as thin as you can easily manage, don’t stress if it is thick, it’s just wonderful. Cut into ribbons with a knife. Add the nettles to your sauteeing garlic, drizzle a bit of the pasta water over the nettles, stir and cover. Back to pasta-  all at once drop the ribbons together into the boiling water, stirring immediately for a few seconds to prevent them sticking together. Cook about 4 minutes- taste test as the cut and thickness vary. Uncover nettles and they should look deep dark green and very wilted, toss them and bit, then turn off heat. Drain the pasta using a lid, not a strainer, leaving a bit (1/2 cup or so) of the cooking water in the bottom of the pot. Pour this all into the mixing bowl with the chevre, toss it around to soften the chevre. Add your nettle mix, some salt and pepper to taste, toss and serve.

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