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Fabulous Fritatta– what’s the difference between quiche and frittata, you ask? Quiche requires a crust, so frittata is a quicker meal solution. It’s so easy and quick, perfect any time of day. This is the basic concept and ratio we use.

4 duck eggs, whisked in a bowl with 1 cup of various liquid ingredients (soft goat cheese, milk, even kimchi juice can be added for super unique flavor!)

1 bunch of greens, chopped finely & sauteed with onion and maybe some other veggie bits too

1 head of garlic, peeled and chopped. Set aside to sprinkle on top if you like a strong garlic punch, otherwise mix in with the greens and sautee.

In a medium size cast iron pan, sautee veggies until they are done to your liking. Kale is really nice with a long, low heat sautee to make it melt in your mouth. Turn on your oven broiler, then pour the egg mix over the veggies, mix in slightly, and cook for 2 minutes on low/medium, undisturbed. Transfer the pan to the oven broiler and wait 2 minutes or so, until the mixture is coloring and the edges are slightly pulling away from the side of the pan. Bring out of the oven, slice and serve. Take any leftovers out of the cast iron pan to prevent an iron-ey flavor from soaking into the frittata.

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