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It is cold. So cold we don’t even want to go outside, but we do.

All the animals on the farm are in semi-hibernation. Our house has little in the way of insulation, and somehow our little stove has a hard time heating our small space. We’ve gone through a lot of wood already this year. It will be time for another few loads in a couple weeks. Our goal is to build a much more energy-efficient home some day soon, but meanwhile we bundle up and count our blessings.

Meanwhile, most of our seeds have been ordered. What the older CSA Farmers don’t tell us is that the seed order gets easier every year, because you have a much better idea of what an ounce of such and such seed might actually produce, and how many boxes that may fill. We’re at the beginning of that evolution, so each year we have to relearn and rethink our approach to seed buying. We also rethink and revamp the seedling nursery every year. This year we’ve converted our only spare room into another use, so now the seedlings will live with us in the tiny living room, along with the woodstove and books. Such is the glamor of small scale farming, folks. We wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything. Although we are excited to build our super-insulated timber-framed straw-clay infilled house sometime in the near future.

We count our blessings even as various issues crop up in our lives. The sun rising over the treeline and illuminating the hoarfrost, the ducks sliding along on a patch of ice, or a good farmstead supper; these are all amazing things we do not take for granted.  We’re excited to be your farmers this year, and we’re really stoked for our latitude to warm up and let us play outside! Can’t wait to get into the dirt and compost.

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  1. Angelica

    Well written and heartfelt post. I think of all the crazy ways I had to get seeds started in the past. You do what you got to do. Any anyways, baby seedlings make great company, especially those in the herb family since they smell so good. Love you guys!

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